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Two Back-to-back Crime in a Single Week Created Concerns in The New Jersey

Two consecutive accidents in one week have increased worries and concerns amongst the people of New Jersey this week. At first a hit-and-run case and later an apartment break-in incident have shaken the New Jersey community as they began questioning their sense of safety as they depend on the actions of the concerned authorities. The police department is working at its full force to ensure safety amongst the community and take precautions against the increasing crime rate. 

Hit-and-run case 

The first accident was reported in the evening hours of Tuesday, 2nd Jan. A five year old boy was hit by a speeding red vehicle on the busy streets. By standards reported that the vehicle did not stop after hitting and the driver fled the scene as soon as possible. The boy sustained a broken right leg after the accident and was left with several scrapes and bruises. Witnesses later reported to the police that the vehicle, which was headed on Northern Grand Street, took a sharp left turn to continue on the western Grove Street. Immediate medical help was dispatched after the accident was reported to aid the small injured child. The child is SAID to be in a safer condition as per the recent reports. 

Robbery and break-in case 

Later that week, another crime took place at a Connecticut apartment. Angel Fragoso,22, is a citizen of Jersey and he is currently charged with multiple crimes such as forced entry, robbery and weapon possession along with her four companions. On the afternoon of Saturday, 6th Jan, Angel and his gang showed up at the door of an apartment with faces covered with masks and guns in their hands. They kept knocking on the door and when the residents of the apartment denied entry to the unwelcome guests, they forced their way in. The victims of the robbery informed that the gang held them at their gun pointed and restricted their movement with the bounds of zip ties. They ransacked the apartment and took all the clothes, jewelleries, a firearm and other valuable possessions. 

As police were informed of the attempted robbery, they quickly arrived at the crime scene. The gang got into a vehicle and attempted fleeing from the scene. During a chase, the vehicle crashed into another vehicle and into a road rail. The police were able to capture the gang of four with the help of a K9 unit. A fifth man is also suspected to be connected with the robbery but he managed to flee the scene on foot. Upon confrontation, Angel and his friends affirmed their crimes. They were taken to a local hospital and after medical evaluation, medical officials stated that they are in a stable condition. 

The apartment that was broken in

What measures are being taken 

These incidents stirred fear among the citizens of New Jersey. Police department had assured that they had increased patrols on the streets with armed officers to prevent further crimes like these. As the community is coming to terms with the aftermath of the crims, the Sheriff of New Jersey pledged that they are trying their very best to be better at their jobs and the safety of the community is their utmost priority.

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