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Sebastian Stan Stars In Frustrating, Chaotic Drama Thriller “A Different Man”

A different man uses a mask with a relative meaning

We all use facial expressions throughout our lives depending on the situation we are faced with at any given time. “A different man” uses masks, but the meaning is only relative. However, the film, written and directed by Aaron Schmberg, shows that pretending to be someone you are not is a task and decision that will ultimately make you uncomfortable.

While the location is thought-provoking, the execution leaves much to be desired. This is countered by the change of tone and reluctance, oscillating between black humor and suspense.

Edward’s new face
Edward’s (Sebastian Stan) sad life initially revolves around a stranger. He was a lonely man; his face was disfigured in the atmosphere of ridicule and imaginary terror. His house was neglected, the ceiling was black and moldy, and water was constantly leaking. The scene in Edward’s room shows his emotional state because he doesn’t want to be with anyone else.

Until his new neighbor Ingrid (the world’s worst Renate Reinswey) takes a liking to him. This situation will not last long, as the surgery has given him a new face that he believes will enable him to achieve his dream goals.

The movie deals with identifying crisis
This is a movie about whether we would be happy being someone else. After all, the grass has to be greener there, right? However, Edward soon realizes that being a “Guy” makes his life even more difficult due to his unethical behavior.

How can he be himself when he’s pretending to be someone he’s not? In contrast, Oswald, played by Adam Pearson, lives a flawed but flawed life full of friends, activities, and love. Edward is jealous and angry because he feels thrown out of the life he thought he would lead and the letter Ingrid wrote accordingly.

Dark humor and lots of twists
For one place, Sheinberg’s film might be meaningful. The story doesn’t end on something that could be depressing. Its dark humor keeps the time ticking and there are some twists and turns of fun in there too, so we’re not sure where the story will go.

But there is also a sense of isolation; It’s a psychological thriller that doesn’t explore Edward’s inner world. Her conclusion was hollow, perhaps because Edward didn’t seem to have any real feelings himself. Often an idea feels like a canvas on which a movie can be painted.

In this case, it is the characters’ story that determines the ending of the series, and it is difficult to reconcile what the series wants to do with what happens. “Strange Man” can be confusing at times and uncomfortable to watch after a certain point.

But the root of his problem lies in his lack of emotion. One understands the message, but one does not care enough to invest in Edward’s life or value. Stan does his best, but even his performance feels emotionally distant and stilted.

The plot of this movie is good, but it neither gives us a good heart nor the desire to attract us. While it could be more gripping and daring at times, the story needs some polishing to tell us that it is the most heartbreaking musical, especially when it escapes suspense. Although “Inhumans” tries to be an emotional work at times, it is not as profound as one would hope.

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