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Gayle King once loaned a guy she was dating $4K for a ‘child support issue’ and a furniture payment

Gayle King expressed her lack of finding a soulmate

Gayle King’s luck in dating is just as same as that of the girls’ who always get disappointed. The “CBS This Morning” star recently sat down for an interview that took place with the Pivot Podcast. In the interview she her dating life with hosts Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder, and Fred Taylor.

The 69-year-old got a divorce in 1993 from Bill Bumpus who is a Connecticut assistant attorney general. She has not been in a significant public relationship since her divorce. There she revealed that her level of success and fame have often thinned her chances of finding a suitable match.

She has been told she is quite intimidating

The thing she finds the most uncomfortable is when people tell her that she is extremely intimidating. Somebody said to her once to look at her shoes, her bag, and her coat. She was told that she is friends with Oprah Winfrey.’ This makes many guys insecure and thinks they can never compete. However, she is not looking for anyone to compete with.

King wants somebody who has a sense of humor and is also very secure. She is looking for a person not intimidated by whatever all of this is who just sees her for her.

King shares two children with her ex, a daughter, Kirby, and a son, William Jr., who is still on the prowl and shared what was the reason for their separation.

One of her exes asked her to loan her $4,000

She said that she went on a date and was extremely excited. They had gone out maybe two months and then he said he needed to talk to her. He wanted to have a private conversation with her and then asked her, ‘Do you think you could lend me $4,000?’ which made her surprised.

When Oprah Winfrey learned of the request, her response to her bestie was quite interesting.

Oprah exclaimed, ‘God, I would have felt better if he had said $40,000,” King explained.

“I was so crushed because he was somebody who was making, you know, six figures, successful. And when I said, you know, could I ask what it’s for? He said, Yeah, it was for a child support issue and to pay a payment on some furniture. [And I said to myself] ‘Oh God, this is just getting worse.’”

King concluded that in her opinion dating is quite difficult.

King wants to find love someday

King then expressed her hope that she would find her soul mate one day and shared her dating preferences on “The Pivot.”

She then told me how her type is men of color. She said that she is pretty into Black men. King was disappointed that she hated the fact that her husband was a cheater. She even said that she would like to see how the one she will date interacts with others.

She called her a great husband and had a problem with monogamy which can never be good in a marriage, infidelity, just throwing it out there. She expressed how much she hates cheaters.

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