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Actor Pablo Schreiber Opens Up About Halo’s Much-Awaited Season 2

During a recent interview, actor Pablo Schreiber, who gained popularity after Master Chief, revealed how the second season of the popular show Halo, will start from the first season’s cliffhanger ending, as fans all over the world eagerly wait for the show’s new season.

The upcoming season of the Paramount+ show will tease the viewers by giving them an insight of how the supersoldier’s relationship has developed with AI Cortana, who is portrayed by Jen Taylor. The show is heavily based on the Microsoft videogame franchise that goes by the same name. The new season will also take the viewers into what is being described as “humanity’s darkest hour.” This “dark hour” will be brought upon the world as the Covenant invades Reach.

The ‘Uncertain’ Season 

The season 1 of the show ended with Cortana gaining control of the Master Chief amidst a severe fight. The merging of their consciousness has left Master Chief with no sense of humanity, leaving viewers fearful of the uncertain future ahead.

With season 1 leaving Master Chief’s allies confused and distrustful of him, a lot of fans and critics of the show have expressed concerns for John, or more popularly referred to as the “man in the armor” of Master Chief. The season ended with no clear direction as to what happened to John. Although Schreiber didn’t give any insight into the matter, he did confirm that the upcoming season 2 will heavily focus his and Cortana’s newfound dynamic to Collider. The new season of the show has been a long time coming for its fans across the world.

In addition to this, Schieber also confirmed that the new season will delve into the past of the two characters by displaying how the two met each other (within the show’s “silver timeline”), and how the two helped each other over the course of the show.

The Sensational Season 1 

Halo season 1 was an intense ride for the viewers, as they saw the character of Master Chief becoming more vulnerable. The act of Master Chief removing his helmet in order to connect with frightened civilians was a humane moment for the viewers.

However, this emotional touch to the show was short lived. In the finale of season 1, Cortana had successfully managed to deactivate Master Chief’s emotion-suppressing pellet, which left John (aka the Master Chief), a quiet, unresponsive, mission-focused machine.

For viewers who are also familiar with the videogame on which the series is based, the season 1 finale Master Chief is a very precise cinematic representation of his video game counterpart, a mission-focused killer of few words revered for his deeds in the Human-Covenant war. As the makers prepare to gear up for season 2 of the sensational show, fans and critics across the world eagerly wait for it.

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