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Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, and David Ayer will be Seen Together in the Upcoming film “Levon’s Trade”


Hollywood big names Jason Statham, Sylvester Stallone, and David Ayer are coming together to make the next possible sensation of cinema, titled Levon’s Trade. According to reports released by various media houses and publishing outlets, Statham will star as the lead character of the film. The male lead goes by the name of Levon Cade, who is sucked back into the world of black ops in order to find a missing college student while simultaneously, keep his new way of life secure.


The Golden Trio 

According to reports released regarding the upcoming film, the film is set to be based on the first instalment in author Chuck Dixon’s Levon Cade book series. The filming for this film will reportedly start in London this spring. Jason Statham and Sylvester Stallone will be reuniting through this film. The duo has gained immense fame by appearing alongside each other in The Expendables franchise. Amazon MGM currently controls the theatrical rights to the film’s title, Levon’s Trade. Sly Stallone is reportedly writing the film’s screenplay. In addition to this, Prime Video has officially landed the streaming rights for the upcoming film.

The director of Statham’s new film titled The Beekeeper, will also be joining this project as a part of the film’s creative team. David Ayer gained immense popularity after he wrote and directed the DCEU’s Suicide Squad (2016), in addition to his screenplay credits on The Fast and the Furious, Training Day, and the Colin Ferrell-led S.W.A.T (2003).


Stallone’s adapted screenplay is reportedly based on the first novel of the Levon’s Cade book series, Levon’s Trade: A Vigilante Justice Thriller. The series was originally written by author Chuck Dixon and was a massive hit amongst readers across the world. Author Chuck Dixon is a globally renowned comic book writer whose works have appeared in Marvel and DC comics.


The Beekeeper Vs The Levon’s Trade 

Although not much detail has been released regarding the upcoming film, fans and critics have been given some details regarding the film’s plot. The movie will reportedly chart Levon Cade’s trajectory as he lives his secret “profession” behind and start a new life as a construction worker.

Cade wants to live a simple life and be a good father to his daughter, but when his boss’ teenage daughter vanishes in thin air, he’s forced back into the world of black ops. Amidst his hunt for the missing college student, Levon Cade gets stuck in the twisted web of a sinister criminal conspiracy as he tries to come back to his normal life.


Even though the Ayer-Statham pair has been immensely successful on The Beekeeper project (with the film making approximately $79 million worldwide), the success of Levon’s Trade is still under scrutiny. At present, no specific date has been announced for the film’s official release.


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