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Republicans Demand Enquiry Against Joe Biden as Hunter Biden Faces Charges Gun Charges

Federal Prosecutors are urging a US court judge to reject hunter Biden’s plea to dismiss the gun charges against him. Last year, Hunter Biden came into the spotlight after police officials discovered cocaine residue on a pouch that belonged to the current US President’s son. A pouch that was, in the past, used by Hunter Biden to hold and carry his gun with him.

Although Hunter Biden claimed in court that he was being “singles out for political reasons,” the residing prosecutors rejected his claims, stating that the evidence presented in court against him was “overwhelming.”

Guns, Illegal Drugs, and Election Campaigns 

Hunter Biden had, in the past, also made “incriminating statements” about his drug addiction and usage in his memoir that was published in the year 2021. These statements, in addition to investigators finding a “white powdery substance” (which was later confirmed to be cocaine by a medical expert), on the brown leather pouched he used to store his gun further deflated Hunter Biden’s case.

According to recently published media articles and reports that are covering this case, Hunter Biden was accused of lying about his drug use back in the year 2018, on a form to buy a gun that he kept for a brief period of 11 days. Although Hunter Biden has acknowledged struggling with an addiction to crack cocaine during 2018, he has completely denied the charges made against him, about lying about his drug usage in order to legally acquire a gun.

His lawyers also appealed in court that although hunter Biden was under the influence of drugs during October 2018, he never broke any law. In addition, this, his legal team also argued that he has since then, stopped inducing any kind of drugs. Although several media outlets and houses had contacted Hunter Biden’s legal team for comment, no official statement has so far been released to the general public.

Various lawyers and political experts have highlighted that these legal proceedings were almost avoided with a plea deal last year, however, an agreement with federal prosecutors could not be firmed upon and now the current President’s son is currently a part of a public spectacle while his father is campaigning for the upcoming 2024 American elections.

Hunter Biden’s Trial or A New Political Arena?

Hunter Biden was indicted by the court after the plea deal broke down. It has been reported that the reason this please deal broke down last year, was because the judge who was supposed to sign the agreement denied doing it, and instead raise a series of intense questions about the deal which ultimately led to its breakdown.

Hunter Biden had initially, agreed to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax charges, in hopes of evading prosecution on his current gun charges, but, due to yearslong investigation conducted by federal prosecutors into his business dealings and overall behavior, Hunter Biden’s gun charges were carried forward.

Throughout Hunter Biden’s criminal proceedings, several unsuccessful attempts have been made by congressional Republicans to link his suspicious business dealings to his father and current President of the United States, Joe Biden. Republicans are aggressively demanding an impeachment inquiry into President Biden, with several Republicans claiming he was engaged in an influence-peddling scheme with his son. Although Republicans are pursuing President Biden by playing every card on the table, so far, no evidence has emerged against the current president.

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