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Georgia District Attorney Fani Willis Publicly Addresses Affair Rumors

Fulton County, Georgia district attorney Fani Willis, who had previously gained recognition after lodging charges against former President Donald Trump for being involved in election interference, recently came forward to media, claiming that the recent allegations brought against her of having an “improper” and unprofessional romantic relationship with a prosecutor were circulated because of the individuals were Black people.

According to court documents filed earlier in January, the allegation registered against Willis was that she had hired a special prosecutor, later identified as Nathan Wade, who is also her alleged partner, to prosecute the ex-president.

In addition to this, it was alleged that Willis benefitted immensely from her relationship with Wade, as the two went on lavish vacations by using the funds his firm received for taking the case.

The ‘Race’ Card 

The allegations against Willis have been circulating for about a month now, but it wasn’t until recently that Willis addressed them publicly. “They only attacked one” she was quoted saying.

The rumors have heavily circulated around Willis, while Wade’s (alleged) involvement has been completely sidelined by the media. In addition to this, during her public appearance, Willis also took the name of John Floyd and Anna Green Cross, two prosecutors who were assigned to the case.

She said that both these prosecutors were white and thus they were not targeted by these allegations and rumors. But, since she was a Black open, she was being publicly questioned about her professional ethics.

Although Willis has publicly acknowledged these allegations, she still hasn’t confirmed her romantic involvement with Wade.

She has neither denied nor confirmed the existence of any romantic relationship between her and Wade. As far as any public confirmation is considered, both individuals are only involved on a professional level.

Throughout the press conference, Willis never mentioned Wade’s name directly. The only reference she made about him was a man who is “a great friend and a great lawyer.”

Willis, Wade, and Trump

Trump’s co-defendant, Michael Roman, was the one who had accused Willis and Wade of having an affair at the time when appointments were being made for the 2020 election interference case against Donald Trump.

Roman, during one of his public appearances, defended Trump by arguing the integrity of the case being compromised because of the affair.

The court documents filed against Willis state that she deliberately appointed her romantic partner to fight this case, who, for the entirety of the case, “has been a married man.”

In addition to these court documents, official Fulton County records also display that Wade has been paid approximately $654,000 in legal fees since January of last year, an amount which was authorized by the district attorney, who in this case, was Willis herself.

In the past, former President Donald Trump was indicted by Willis for allegedly attempting to subvert the results of 2020 presidential election in Georgia, to which Trump pleaded not guilty.

Any attempt at subverting or altering a legal process is a direct violation of Georgia’s anti-racketeering law, and hence this case had made huge headlines.

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