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Domestic violence is the established reason behind the Boston mansion tragedy

The prosecutors have finally come to a conclusion about the unfortunate death of the Kamal family. On Thursday, amidst the festivities of Christmas, dead bodies of Rakesh Kamal, his wife and daughter were discovered from their breathtaking mansion housing 27 rooms. The investigators have finally reported that the series of deaths have been caused by “domestic violence”

Three dead bodies found 

As per the indications of the preliminary reports of autopsy, Rakesh Kamal had shot his wife and daughter with an unlicensed firearm and then he committed suicide. The murder weapon was found out to be a .40-caliber Glock 22. The weapon was an unregistered one and how Rakesh gained access to the said firearm still remains a mystery. 

Rakesh and his background

Rakesh Kamal, a 57 years old man, once held an important leadership position in a startup named EduNova, which used to help students with preparations of several examinations and aid them with guidance regarding their study and career plannings. Rakesh was appointed as a president whereas his wife, Tina Kamal was said to be the CEO of the company. 

Further investigation revealed that the startup went bankrupt exactly two years before the family was found dead in their sprawling mansion, on New Year’s Eve, 2021. Before the tragedy took place, there were no reports regarding any kind of domestic violence from the Kamal mansion. Any sign of forced entry or fighting was also missing from the crime scene. Investigators guessed that the family must have been devastated after dissolving the business. 

Rakesh Kamal and Teena Kamal

Rakesh Kamal’s daughter, Arianna was a first year student studying in Middlebury college. She was a very bright student and she often found herself involved in multiple activities like Computer Science Student organization and college choirs. She was majoring in Neuroscience but she expressed interests in multiple domains. 

Rakesh’s wife Neena was also a well educated woman and she had many successful ventures in the field of consumer services and education before joining EduNova. She had over 30 years of experience in the field of business. She as well as her husband completed her degree from Delhi University and currently served as an esteemed board member of the American Red Cross of Massachusetts. 

The mansion of tragedy

The mansion where this tragic incident took place was said to be worth over $4 million (according to a report in 2019). The spectacular mansion with a suburban essence was built in 2000. It was built on a 19,000 square foot area and housed 11 bedrooms. 

The Boston Mansion


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