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Brave Owner Risked His Life to Rescue His Small Pup From A Wild Coyote

Bond shared by pet-owner duo shocked Mount Pleasant

The heavenly bonds and connections that pet dogs and their caretakers share against witnessed another legendary example. A man threw himself in front of a coyote without even thinking twice so that the wild animal does not get to harm his small pup. The incident took place at Mount Pleasant. The pup which was attacked was taken to the vet and it seems that she is healthy and does not sustain any severe injury. 

A pleasant walk turned into a nightmare

Timothy Snipe was out on his leisurely stroll with his pet pup Timothy at his toe. They were spending some quality time until Roxie, the pup, got distracted and started barking at the woods. Snipe did not heed much attention as he continued to walk the dog. Roxie did not move from her place as she continued to stare and bark at the woods. 

Timothy looked in the direction of the woods and saw nothing. Roxie had sensed what Snipe could not at that moment. She sensed the presence of a wild coyote waiting to attack the duo. It was hidden by the thick branches of the wood. Instead of running away, Roxie conducted a great act of bravery. She ran towards the wood so that the coyote would not harm her master. As small as she is, her bravery and loyalty towards her caretaker knew no bounds.

The pup took a step ahead to save Timothy

As Roxie began to approach the dangerous animal, Snipe sensed the danger. Without a second thought, putting his own safety at stake, Snipe dived in between the coyote and his dog as the coyote got ready to pounce on the small pup. Snipe wrestled it down as it became more furious. It started biting Snipe violently. Snipe finally managed to choke it and that action made the coyote calm down. 

Then Timothy picked up the wild animal by tail and put it in a dumpster before calling for urgent help. Help arrived at the spot soon after and both of them were taken to the nearby medical facility for a quick checkup. Roxie was fine whereas Timothy was covered with bites and bruises. He had to get 9 shots of Rabies vaccinations. 

The selflessness amazes thousands

The act of bravery that Snipe showed was praised by many local residents and onlookers. They were charmed by the impressive showcase of selflessness from both sides. When Timothy was asked why he thought of taking such a risky move, he answered that he weighed his options at the given moment. He understood that if the coyote became successful in harming the little pup, there was no way she could have survived the injury. 

However, he thought to himself even if the coyote bit him or he got attacked by Rabies because of the bites, he would be able to survive through care and medication. Such a line of thinking was heavily applauded in the community. By tackling a wild coyote down to the ground just for the sake of another innocent life, Timothy had won lots of hearts in Mount Pleasant and now worldwide.

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