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As Chuck Grassley Battles Health Issues, Multiple Political Players Extend their Wishes for the Republican’s Recovery

In a recent turn of events, Chuck Grassley, who is a famous political leader belonging to the Republican party, had to be taken to the hospital where is currently being administered medical and professional help for an infection.

Senator Grassley’s Unexpected Hospitalization 

According to an official statement released by Senator Chuck Grassley’s office that has been released to the general audience, Senator Grassley, who is currently 90 years old, is receiving professionally diagnosed antibiotic infusions at a hospital. The Senator is currently hospitalized at an undisclosed hospital in his home state of Iowa.

Senator Grassley was supposed to be present on Tuesday to cast a vote that would advance a short-term spending bill which has been deemed essential to avoid a government shutdown. However, due to this sudden decline in his health, he will not be present to cast that vote on Tuesday. Prior to this absence, Senator Grassley had only ever missed voting twice during his entire political career.

Once, during the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic, and once before that during the intense floods that ravaged his home state of Iowa back in 1993. He holds an impressive record of 27 years of perfect political attendance.

Wishes for Senator Grassley’s ‘Speedy’ Recovery

His office released official statements, confirming that the Senator “is in good spirits and will return to work as soon as possible.” Senator’s office said that they will be waiting for doctor’s orders to make sure that the Senator can return to work, once the Senator is released from the hospital. There were no more details provided by the Senator’s office. Mr. Grassley is currently the oldest member of the Senate after the California Senator, Dianne Feinstein, died last year in September.

Senator Chuck Grassley had started his political career back in 1980, when he was elected to the Senate. Throughout his political career, he has been re-elected a total of seven times. Mr. Grassley is one of the select few older legislators who have had frequent health scares and hospital visits in the recent few months. Prior to Senator Grassley’s hospitalization, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was also admitted to hospital last spring after taking a severe fall.

Although his party members are wishing for his speedy recovery, his absence has put his party in a vulnerable state, which is currently seeking to strike a spending deal with Democrats to avoid a federal government shutdown.

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