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8 Things The Andes Plane Crash Survivors Have Said About Society Of The Snow Movie

New behind-the-scenes movie of the Society of the Snow

We all know about the success and critical acclaim of the Society of the Snow. What is more exciting is that a new behind-the-scenes movie titled Society of the Snow: Who Were We on the Mountain has been released as an accompaniment.

The plot revolves around the true story of the 1972 Andes plane crash that has been told through several documentaries, books, and even a previous feature film called Alive (1993). It starred leading man Ethan Hawke.

Society of the Snow was created on the basis of close and modern interviews with the survivors as well as the families of the deceased. The main motive was to create the most authentic portrayal of the tragedy ever made.

The movie is directed by Spanish filmmaker J.A. Bayona who has also contributed to acclaimed movies like Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and The Impossible.

The movie has seen immense growth

Society of the Snow has seen immense growth as it has been nominated for two 2024 Academy Awards, Best International Feature Film and Best Achievement in Makeup and Hairstyling. The movie is set more than 50 years ago and offers a remarkable look into the authentic struggles of all 40 passengers aboard the flight from Uruguay to Chile.

You can see the sixteen survivors of the 1972 plane crash in the film. The story revolves around 72 days in the frigid and dangerous terrain of the Andes Mountain Range. Extreme attention has been paid to detail and compassion for those who were involved.

8 things the survivors have told the society

  1. The new behind-the-scenes documentary Society of the Snow: Who Were We on the Mountain, features several real-life survivors giving their reactions to the film. The survivors can be seen being relieved that all the passengers were represented in Bayona’s movie which was not the case in Alive.
  2. The survivors gave full creative freedom to Bayona as they knew his esteemed reputation as a passionate storyteller and great director.
  3. The real-life Fernando Parrado was included in the movie and recalled the horrors of what are undoubtedly the worst days of his entire life.
  4. Roberto Canessa is featured in the new Netflix behind-the-scenes. He recalled that being stuck in the Andes in that way is unlike any other experience on Earth. Je said that the winds, the silences, are just much more intense than in most places of the world. Even though it offers some of the most breathtaking displays of natural beauty that the world has to offer.
  5. Eduardo Strauch is also featured in the new Netflix behind-the-scenes documentary. He said that watching Society of the Snow is just like going back in time. This can be considered as a huge compliment to Bayona’s work along with the level of authenticity that the film was able to achieve.
  6. Fernando Parrado commented on the new Netflix behind-the-scenes documentary. He said that Bayona made the greatest film of his entire life. Bayona’s remarkable ability to pour his heart deep into the real events of the story.
  7. At the end Carlitos Páez made a statement that could be one of the highest compliments Bayona could have earned. Páez revealed that Bayona had approximately become an extended community member of the group of survivors. This is all because of his outstanding efforts in creating the Society of the Snow.
  8. In the final moments Roberto Canessa drives the point home by saying how deeply engaging Bayona’s film is. The main reason is that it allowed them to revisit who they were on the mountain.

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