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22 Years after Her High School “Oscars” Photo was Taken, Actress Lily Gladstone Secures a Nomination for an Oscars Award


Lily Gladstone was recently nominated for Oscar for her spectacular performance in the popular film Killers of the Flower Moon. After her nomination was publicly announced, a high school yearbook photo of Gladstone was circulated on social media, with the superlative “Most Likely to Win an Oscar.” Now, almost 22 years later, the actress might just get that Oscar.


The Oscars Prophecy

In the high school yearbook photo that has been making rounds across various social media platforms, a young Gladstone can be seen posing with her classmate Josh Ryder. The two were voted as the two individuals who would most likely be publicly recognized and appreciated for their talent. As Gladstone is so close to manifesting that superlative, her ex-classmate Josh Ryder has extended some words of support towards her.

“I don’t think I had the capacity necessarily to think, or the understanding of what it would take to put oneself in that position to be nominated for an Oscar and Lily has done it,” Ryder was quoted saying during an interview. He also acknowledged that the old photo of Gladstone and him that has been gaining popularity across social media, prompted Gladstone, him, and several other classmates of theirs to reunite and celebrate this milestone.


Ryder was also quoted saying that in case Gladstone did end up winning an Oscar, it would be a “storybook ending.” He further acknowledged Gladstone’s talent as an actor by stating that if Gladstone decided to “stay in the game” for the rest of her life, she could add so much more to her shelf of accomplishments.


Hollywood and the Native Americans 

In a previous interview, Gladstone revealed that her co-star Leonardo DiCaprio was the one who had personally texted her the high school yearbook photo after her nomination was publicly announced. Gladstone also revealed that she remained in touch with Ryder for all these years, and he has been an “enormous support” throughout the process of her nomination.

During this interview, Gladstone revealed that Ryder had “thanked her” for bringing the “whole class back together” through her nomination. In addition to this she also revealed that Ryder, and all if their previous classmates will be hosting an Oscars watch party in their old high-school theatre. Gladstone ended the interview by saying that she was glad she “didn’t disappoint there.”


Gladstone is the first Native American actor to be nominated for the Oscars. In an interview with the famous news outlet Deadline, Gladstone was quoted saying: “Why am I the first?”. The Killers of the Flower Moon actress was seen expressing regret over the lack of acknowledgment that Native American actors and actresses suffer in the industry.


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