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HBO Developing New Thriller Limited Series From The Author Of Sharp Objects & Gone Girl

Limited new series under development by HBO on Dark Places

A new limited series based on Dark Places is under work by HBO. The series is based on the bestselling 2009 novel that was written by Gone Girl and Sharp Objects author Gillian Flynn.

Flynn’s popular mystery novels have received onscreen adaptations. Gone Girl film came out in 2014 with Ben Affleck and Rosamund Pike as the lead actors. Then in 2015 Dark Places film cast Charlize Theron came out. Finally, in 2018 HBO limited series adaptation of Sharp Objects starring Amy Adams was released.

The Gone Girl and Sharp Objects adaptations were mostly loved by all the viewers. However, the Dark Places film was critically criticized.

Author Flynn involved in the making of the series

Dark Places is now being developed as an HBO limited series. The author Flynn, who holds the rights to the novel, will be working as co-creator, writer, and co-showrunner.

Writer of numerous episodes of Ray Donovan and Mad Men, Brett Johnson, is credited as co-showrunner, co-creator, and writer along with Flynn.

Actor and writer Guerrin Garder is also credited as a co-creator and writer. She has appeared in episodes of Ray Donovan and Grey’s Anatomy.

As confirmed by HBO’s critically acclaimed adaptation of Sharp Objects, which was also nominated for around eight Emmy Awards, which included Outstanding Limited Series, this is the perfect channel to adapt Dark Places.

This novel is best suited for HBO

Flynn’s complicated as well as chilling mystery novels are best suited to an HBO limited series type. It will give the narrative plenty of room to breathe and gradually build along with being able to explore the mature and often difficult subject matter.

Dark Places is arguably the most disturbing and violent of Flynn’s novels, hence, this is important for it.

The story of Dark Places

Dark Places narrates the story of Libby Day who is the only survivor of a massacre in which her mother and two sisters were savagely murdered.

Her testimony resulted in her teenage brother Ben being convicted as the killer. Twenty-five years later, Libby comes to know that her brother may be innocent after all. This happens when she begins to learn the truth about what happened that night, and meanwhile, her life is threatened once again.

A television series will be able to balance the story better as it will alternate between the past and present-day timelines, as both timelines draw equally riveting and shocking conclusions.

Limited series ensures no temptation to stretch the show

As it is a limited series, it ensures that there are enough episodes to faithfully adapt the source material without there being any appeal to needlessly continue the story. It does not matter how well-received the series may be.

Sharp Objects starred Adams which was considered to be a very fitting casting. Hence, HBO can hopefully bring in equally exciting and fitting talent to lead Dark Places’ cast as well.

Flynn is at the forefront of the series’ development. Therefore, it should be a stronger adaptation than the 2015 film. This could become one of HBO’s most exciting series if the project is released.

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