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Every Confirmed Star Wars LEGO Set Releasing In 2024

The new Star Wars Lego sets going to hit the shelves

The Star Wars LEGO sets are bringing immense joy to 2024. The Star Wars models were first released in 1999, and 2024 marks LEGO’s 25th anniversary with the franchise.

It has been one of the toy company’s most consistently popular product lines for decades now. The new Star Wars LEGO sets have already hit store shelves in 2024, and many more are on the way to fill the fans with a new rush of adrenaline.

The special 25th-anniversary models 

The upcoming release of special 25th-anniversary models has been teased by lego. The sets will come with exclusive minifigures which will honor the entire Star Wars history and timeline. This is something completely different from the 20th anniversary.

More midi scale models and more fun for fans

The Phantom Menace might be revisited by LEGO according to the rumors. More midi-scale models of classic ships might make an appearance in the coming months. Here is the list of every confirmed LEGO Star Wars set that has been officially released in 2024

1. LEGO’s Clone Trooper & Battle Droid Battle PACK

It caters to collectors who are interested in army building. The new battle pack consists of 9 minifigures. It is a Republic pack and a Separatist pack that has been put together. The minifigures, particularly the standard Phase II clones and redesigned Super Battle Droids are truly appealing.  Moreover, the Octuptarra tri-droid is an exciting addition to the set.

2. Nubs in The Crimson Firehawk (75384)

Following the release of Tenoo Jedi Temple (75358) in 2023, it caters to the youngest fans of the galaxy. The pack cones with minifigures of the Crimson Firehawk’s young pilot Nash Durango and her automaton sidekick RJ-83.

3. A polybag set featuring a miniature Armored Assualt Tank

This Trade Federation AAT model is the first one to feature LEGO’s new branding and celebrating The Phantom Menace’s 25th anniversary.

4. Boarding the Tantive IV (75387)

It is a recreation of A New Hope’s opening scene, where the first appearance of Darth Vader is marked.

This set features Luke Skywalker’s own hallway sequence from The Mandalorian season 2. You will also get a bonus minifigure of the beloved ARC Trooper known as Fives.

5. A new model of R2-D2 (75370) 

The new version is smaller in scale and is also more affordable. The set comes along with a minifigure-sized Artoo. It has a plaque with all the astromech’s key specifications. The bonus figure is  Darth Malak from Knights of the Old Republic.

6. Midi-scale ship models

There is a new version of The Millennium Falcon having its own name plaque and stand. It is  Star Wars’ most popular and recognizable starships. Hence, it is a logical addition to the anniversary wave.

7. Tantive IV (75376)

This amazing mini ship will depict the ship in its entirety and has its own nameplate and display stand.

8. The Invisible Hand was General Grievous’ flagship

It is the same cruiser that Anakin Skywalker piloted to the planet’s surface even after the ship had been turned into debris in two during the mission to save Chancellor Palpatine.

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