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Ending of Season 1 of Percy Jackson and the Olympians Explained

The season 1 ending of Percy Jackson explained

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1’s ending has wrapped up the quest to find Zeus’ Master Bolt. The ending was shown in a suitably climactic fashion with several turns and twists in the story.

The story reveals that Percy Jackson in episode 7 has adequately set up the stakes of the finale episode where Percy will confront Ares so that he can secure both Zeus’ Master Bolt and Hades’ Helm of Darkness.

In reclaiming two of Percy Jackson’s more powerful magical items, the titular demigod is hoping to stop a war among the gods so that he can make his father proud and save his mother from the Underworld.

Two twisting plots excited the fans

With Percy Jackson season 1’s ending, these enticing plot points come to a head. With the first story of Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief ending, all the attention will turn to updates surrounding Percy Jackson season 2.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1’s ending makes everyone think from the status of the gods’ war and Percy’s relationships with the Olympians to the foreshadowing of future seasons through a handful of heartbreaking twists.

Did Percy complete his quest?

The most prevalent question spinning out of season 1’s ending is did the titular character completes his quest.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians episode 7’s ending hinted at a duel against Ares for the fate of the world which episode 8 opens with. After drawing first blood opposed to the god of war, Percy is given Hades’ Helm of Darkness.

After he returns the helmet to Alecto and ensures that Hades keeps his promise to return Sally, Percy makes his way to Mount Olympus located at the top of the Empire State Building.

Zeus did not like Percy’s appearance at the Mountain Top

Percy walks through the city of Olympus to the mountaintop. However, he finds Zeus sitting atop his throne. The king of the gods is not amused to see Percy, as he believes the son of Poseidon to be the cause of the war between the Olympians.

Hence, Percy returns the Master Bolt and then explains his theory that Kronos was behind the theft. This news results in Zeus keeping Percy alive, meaning the hero has completed his quest to find the Lightning Thief, return the Master Bolt, and keep his side of the bargain with Hades by returning the Helm of Darkness.

Even after returning the Master Bolt, Zeus continues his war against Poseidon. Percy missed the deadline to return the Bolt, but Zeus’ pride and arrogance overcame him in the Percy Jackson season 1 finale. This meant the king of the gods would not call off the war until he had achieved victory over Poseidon.

This situation angers Percy, which causes the demigod to chide Zeus for weakening the gods just as Kronos wants. Being angry, Zeus attempts to strike Percy down by using the Master Bolt before Poseidon appears and surrenders which ends the war.

Poseidon’s surrender

Zeus is shocked by Poseidon’s surrender, with the god of the sea foregoing war to save his son. Like Percy, Poseidon realizes that war between the godly brothers is useless, should Kronos truly be planning to emerge from Tartarus. Therefore, Poseidon stands down and accepts a form of defeat at Zeus’ hands.

Ares and Kronos were verified as the masterminds behind the theft of Zeus’ Master Bolt and Hades’ Helm of Darkness, Percy Jackson’s season 1 ending has one more twist.

Luke’s secret revealed

After he returns to camp, he travels to the woods with Luke to trap Clarrise so that he can bring her to justice as she theoretically aided her father, Ares, in stealing the gods’ symbols of power. However, Percy realizes that Luke is the Lightning Thief, because of his hatred of his father Hermes, the other gods, and the way they use demigods for their gain

Luke tells Percy that he wishes to recruit Percy to Kronos’ cause. But before Percy can stop him, Luke opens a portal through his sword and escapes Camp Half-Blood.

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