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Drew Talked About His Suicide Attempts And His Recovery From That

Drew opened up about his darkest secrets 

Drew Carey had explicitly spoken about his toughest days publicly.During his appearance on Max’s “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” Friday, the “Price Is Right”, the 65 years old host had admitted to his attempts to take his own life twice. He brought up a very important conversation in front of the public eye as he opened up about the significance of restoring mental health. 

Tough times during a young age 

He stated that he had been through very difficult times during his young adulthood. The changing relationships as well as overwhelming feelings had made him feel like he had been empty inside. He felt like there was nothing to be happy for. He used to walk down the streets and he used to get irritated if he spotted anybody having a good time with their friends and families. 

How a suicidal person feels

The host admitted to feeling like nobody would care for him if he dies one day. These nagging feelings get unchecked and ignored as they become gradually dominant. He attempted twice to end his own life and he later said that those suicide attempts were almost like a cry for help from his drowning self. 

Spiraling thoughts that make one take bad decisions

He remembered that the feeling which enforces negative beliefs in him is still very present in his mind. “A lot of times I think to myself. Like, ‘If I die, I’m just gonna have my body cremated.’ No funeral and anything associated with, like, all my mementos and stuff,” he detailed,“You can just burn them and give them away. Like, who cares?”.

Drew progressed from the rock bottom

Carey stated that he had been taking care of his mental health since then as he continued to struggle through the ups and down of life. Being a public figure had never been easy to manage his declining mental health. He said that he saw progress after taking active steps to bounce back on his feet. He consulted professional and trained therapists to work through his personal issues and he still reads any self help book that he can get his hands on. 

How he managed his mental health

He said that he goes through the book very attentively and every time he finishes a book he comes out to be a bigger, better and happier person. He also shared that according to him, the fundamental of living a happy life is to just let things go and not take everything personally. He stated that most of the time the ways in how people react to you generally represent their personalities rather than a fault in your personality. He said that reading self help books had helped in controlling his aggressive reactions and overthinking. 

Effects of hate comments and the recovery 

He also shared that during the age of social media not reacting to a hate comment is more than impossible. The sheer strength to ignore such comments would require a lot of patience. He said that he had worked through that as well. “I took everything personally. If somebody wrote a bad review, I’d be like, ‘What the hell? Coming after my money?’, he declared,“All that’s gone.”

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