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10 Times Bad CGI Failed A Pefect Horror Movie

Despite being one of the most popular genres, horror movies are a craft challenging to master. This is probably why many horror movies look silly and, in the worst cases, even funny. Factors like plotholes, repetitive storylines, and bad CGI effects contribute to this. 

The Darkseekers in ‘I am Legend’:

The Darkeseekers are portrayed as vampiric, albino, cannibalistic human mutants caused by a scientific mishap. Though the movie has a unique plot and is the right mix of emotion and suspense, it is, to a great extent, marred by the appearance of the Darkseekers. The poor usage of CGI has further morphed the Darkseekers into a rather disappointing and somewhat comical character. 

Calvin in ‘Life’:

Life is a sci-fi horror movie focussing on the horrors of extraterrestrial life forms. Calvin is the main antagonist, an alien species that is said to have erased all other species from Mars. For a long time, the audience struggles to grapple with the looks of the alien, trying to decipher its form. Needless to say, the CGI didn’t live up to even half the ferociousness of the character it created.

Lillith in ‘Case 39’:

The movie Case 39 is quite suspenseful and has a great plot twist. Lillith is a kid rescued from abusive parents by social worker Emily. As a plot twist, Lillith turns out to be a demon in disguise who feeds off feelings and brings on danger.  

Throughout the film, Lillith maintains the child’s character until she takes her true demon form. The plot leading up to it was phenomenal, but the little demon did not look the part. It immediately brought down the setup and made her look rather ridiculous. 

Mary Elnor in ‘The Unholy’:

‘The Unholy’ is everything a perfect horror movie setup needs: suspense, thrill, anticipation, and goosebumps. Mary Elnor, or the Bride of the Devil, is the demon that spreads her name through her successor, Alice, by making her believe she is Mother Mary. In most parts, the apparition is either encased in a mask resembling the face of the Holy Mother or portrayed as a dark, ragged shadow. In the final scenes where her true face comes off, she looks somewhat like a decayed corpse than a demon, bringing down the intensity the plot had built till then.

Mama in ‘Mama’:

Mama is a ghostly maternal figure who protects two girls as her own kin. Though emotional and impactful, the ghastly Mama could have been made more scary. Her face twists and turns into a shape almost that of a theatre mask. Overall, a better CGI would’ve driven the movie home. 

The Devil in ’The Omen’:

The Omen is a movie that stands out in its plot. Damien, or the Devil here, is portrayed as a red-hooded jackal skeleton.  Though the movie was a thriller, the devil’s appearance de-aggravates the film’s intensity. 

Uxia in ‘Dagon’:

Uxia is the semi-human, semi-mermaid character in the movie Dagon. Though the actress who played the character is beautiful, the concept of tentacles on a mermaid is quite eerie. Paired with the storyline, Uxia’s character seems to come off as rather strange and doesn’t really play up to the part it was supposed to.

The Boogeyman:

The antagonist in the movie with the same name, the Boogeyman, is a rather dramatic and ferocious supernatural entity. The movie portrays it as a dark, skeletal figure with bloodshot eyes and a pointy mouth. 


Though Stephen King usually hits the horror genre home, this movie did not live up to it in terms of visual effects. The sleepwalkers are portrayed as vampiric beings, mostly having their appearances morphed throughout the movie. It is not a very enchanting scene to look at, let alone be scary to the least. 

Pennywise in ‘It’:

It is a movie that garnered broad appreciation and views. As intriguing as the novel was, the appearance of Pennywise doesn’t live up to its tale. Pennywise, the clown, seems like a character only five-year-olds would be afraid of. When matching the gore and frenzy of its name, the CGI creators could’ve done a better job. 

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