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Zainab Chaudry’s “Hate Posts” Against the Ongoing Israel-Gaza Conflict Sparks Massive Controversy

Social media users across the United States of America have started an online petition demanding the removal of an individual named Zainab Chaudry, and her organization from the political and social arena.

The petition, that was launched in mid-December of 2023. The petition asks Governor Wes Moore and state legislators to remove the CAIR, which stands for the Council on American Islamic Relations, as a standing member of the Maryland Commission on Hate Crime Response and Prevention (CHCRP).

If this request were to be granted, it would permanently dismiss Zainab Chaudry from the commission, who is an existing member of CHCRP. Chaudry currently chairs the CAIR’s Maryland chapter, but she has faced suspension in the past.

Israel, Hamas, and the Hate Propaganda 

Attorney General Anthony Brown had suspended Chaudry after demands for her suspension were made from legislators, Jewish groups and community leaders. The reason cited was her consistent controversial posts on her social media platforms, through which she sympathized with Hamas terrorists, ever since the Israel-Gaza conflict began back in October.  Through her posts, Chaudry was seen heavily criticizing the Israeli government and armed forces for launching a response attack on the Hamas organization.

In another of her post, Chaudry had linked the Jewish attendees in Washington DC, who had gathered together to participate in “March for Israel” to an assembly of “genocide sympathizers.” In addition to this, she also posted an image on her social media account, where she compared an Israeli rally to a German Nazi parade.

Following the series of her controversial and insensitive posts, Chaudry was “temporarily suspended” from her duties, but was instated back to her post in December 2023.

Chaudry’s continuous controversy comes to light at a time when House Speaker Adrienne Jones announced her legislative priorities at the launch of 2024’s legislative session. During her opening speech for the 2024 General Assembly session, Jones announced her plan to establish a new agency that will be known as, The Decency Agency, in order to combat intolerance and hate across the state’s institutions and schools.

Action Against Hate Speech 

It was also reported that after her speech was forwarded in the public domain, a lot of media houses and organizations reached out to Speaker Jones’s office to see if this new agency also aimed to carry out efforts to ban CAIR and Chaudry from Maryland’s hate crime commission, but no official response was delivered.

CAIR and Chaudry’s fate remains to be a mystery. It is being reported that a final decision will be delivered in the next 90 days by the General Assembly. Governor Moore has so far, remained silent about the entire controversy, while the members have come forward and openly supported the ongoing petition.

Supporters of the petition have targeted Chaudry and her organization for their hate speech, adding that they have “shown their true colors” by posting messages like these. There have been loud calls for removing “people like that” from a commission like CHCRP. The online calling for Chaudry’s and CAIR’s permanent removal has garnered over 8,800 signatures with an addition of approximately 1,000 signatures as of recent.

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