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Women Found Dead in Southwestern Minnesota Made Citizens Worry About Their Safety

A tragic accident shocked the peaceful community

A shocking tragedy grappled the Lake Benton area of southwestern Minnesota as a double death was reported to the responsible law enforcement officials there. Police were left shocked when they received a call indicating possible homicides from north of Pipestone this Thursday at around 3 pm. They found a dead body of a woman from a residence and later they found a seriously injured man from the same scene. According to the investigating officers, a firearm was discovered at the scene. The injured man was taken to the nearby hospital immediately under critical condition. Later in the evening, authorities were informed that the man passed away soon after succumbing to his injuries. 

Ongoing investigation did not reveal much information

This was a shocking incident for the peaceful and close-knit community od southwestern Minnesota. The locality was known to reside the calmest community with a sense of unity binding them and there was hardly any dispute reported till now. Along with the county sheriff’s office, the Buffalo Ridge Drug and Violent Crime Task Force and Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension are helping in the investigation to understand the nature of the deaths. The personal details and identity of the woman is strictly withheld until the autopsy is done and the experts reach a convincing conclusion. 

Reaction of the community

The neighborhood and the community people are experiencing a plethora of complicated emotions after witnessing such traumatizing incidents. Some of the neighbors expressed worries about the safety and wellbeing of themselves and their loved ones. One of them stated that if there was a possibility of double murders happening in the daylight, they needed to reconsider the sense of security. The police had reported that there had not been any sign detected that pointed towards the possibility of foul play or forced entry. They did not find any sign of struggles in the crime scene. The other man present there passed away before police were in a position of questioning him. 

Necessity of unity 

In such difficult times community members decided to support each other. The deceased woman was well known in the community and the neighbors remembered her by flowers and mourning. They wholeheartedly hoped that police quickly find out whoever was responsible for these deaths so that they can also take required precautions. Special counseling services, personal support and community gatherings are regularly being organized showing that the sense of unity can comfort a large group of people in trying times. 

Police confirmed that safety of the citizens is important to them 

The law enforcement officials remained tight-lipped as they are continuing to look into details of the case. They abstained from revealing any further information. Police had assured that the safety of the affected community is a matter of priority for them and they had increased necessary rounds of more law enforcement officials to guard the neighborhood from similar situations. They also informed that most of the guarding officers are armed to make sure they can take immediate actions in the moment of need.

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