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Woman Accuses Lyft- A ridesharing app’s Driver of Sexual Assualt

Lyft’s driver accused of sexual assault

A rideshare company that goes by the name Lyft is being sued by a woman from Florida as she has accused the driver of sexually assaulting her that too multiple times by one of their drivers. She stated that she was raped violently and repeatedly by the driver which resulted in the birth of a child. The incident happened in 2019. She sat in the car thinking that such kind of facilities were safe.

At first, the driver urged her to sit in the front seat and started touching her inappropriately. She got out of the car after refusing his advances. Yet, the man did not stop and followed her to her home where he sexually assaulted her multiple times. The victim is not happy about hiding the criminal act. She had the power to complain about the driver yet she decided to not speak up and she deeply regrets that.

Lyft claims that no such incident happened during the use of the app

However, Lyft claims that the incident occurred not during the use of the Lyft app. They claim that the situation unfolded during a different interaction between the driver and the victim. Lyft investigated the case and found out that there was no Lyft ride associated with the victim’s house on the given date. Moreover, no safety report, customer service report, or police report was filed. The company got to know about the incident after they were contacted by the attorneys years later. However, the driver is no longer an employee of the San Francisco-based company.

A San Francisco resident Aura Barva shared how she always stays secure and one step ahead while using such rideshare apps. Her first step is to share all the ride information with her friends. She has been using Uber and Lyft for over a decade. She uses these services at least twice a week. The mistrust has started revolving around the rideshare apps after the incident came up in public.

The rideshare companies should improve their safety protocols. There should be detailed and rigorous background checks. Moreover, a safety plan should be included in the car so that if any kind of incident happens with the driver or the passenger, there should be immediate help. Lyft confirmed that they do rigorous background checks on all Lyft drivers. They do a nationwide criminal search, then a county court records search and after that, a federal criminal court records search. They even do a U.S. Department of Justice 50-state sex offender registry search.

Lyft offers lots of security options to their passengers

A safety service has been implemented by the company which allows the riders to connect with ADT professionals when they feel uncomfortable or unsafe. They even offer a “Smart Trip check-in” so that if there are any ride irregularities, they can check in with the drivers directly.

Tabatha Means, the victim, claims that no such assistance was available as told by the company. The lawsuit is ongoing. Tabatha is traumatized for life and it will take her a lot of time to heal and start using such facilities again.

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