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Whitmire Planns His Next Steps to Fight Against the Crimes on The Streets of Houston

Houston has recently chosen John Whitmire as their new mayor and the gentleman is now working to translate his campaign promises into reality with visible enthusiasm. During his pre-election days, Whitmire promised Houston citizens a decreased crime rate and now he has to work hard to put his words into action. On this Thursday, Whitmire organized a meeting with top law enforcement officers of Houston to discuss the key objectives of his current agenda. During the meeting, Whitmire emphasized on the significance of taking quick actions rather than charting suggested solutions and doing nothing about it. 

Current crime rates

The ABC13 neighborhood safety tracker has recently recorded a depleting rate of crime. Homicides are reported to have gone down by 20%. However other crimes do not see much depletion in their rates. Burglaries and theft are going down but it does not show much impactful decrease. Burglaries have gone down by less than 5% and theft has gone down by only 2%. The cases of physical assault have seen only a 1% decrease. The cases of auto theft and sexual assault have noticeably increased. This sums up a pretty hectic agenda for Whitmire if he decides to turn his words into reality. 

Plan of Actions

Whitmire has decided to follow two main objectives in his journey to deplete the crime rate in Houston city. One of them is to prioritize the impending cases of murder and capital murder and present them in the court for justice as soon as possible. He believed that abstaining the offenders from moving freely in the streets of Houston would improve the scenario significantly. He informed that currently, more than 900 people are out there on the streets of the city who are yet to have the final verdicts of accused murder cases against them. He addressed this group of offenders as a “very dangerous group”. Upon inquiry, law enforcement replied that these cases are pending due to the onslaught of Hurricane Harvey and the COVID-19 global pandemic. However, these do not justify more than 32,000 pending murder cases in Houston, 25% of whom had been pending for more than one year. 

Mayor John Whitmire

Financial back up plans 

The next step towards a better Houston was to deal with the massive recruitment issues faced by the Houston Police Department. The report says that currently, HPD is suffering with more than 2000 vacancies and not enough cadets to man the vacant places. Whitmire has stated that he is looking into the steps that can be taken to quicken the recruitment processes and he will take part in talent acquisition to make sure deserving candidates secure these honorable jobs. He had visited the cadet classes and upon his observation, he pointed out that most of the cadets drop out from their training because they have to pay for necessary equipment like firearms out of their pockets even before they get their first paycheck. 

Whitmire has big plans and to back these plans up, he needs money. He has promised that the trainees should not pay for the expensive necessities out of their pockets. Instead, he could arrange for some state funding or corporate sponsorship to buy stuff for the new joiners. He believes this would show a big difference in the recruitment processes. He also promised that he would increase the number of police officials and forearms on the streets of the city to make this feel like a safer place. To justify the monetary funding for all his plans, he said that his team is going through the audits of every department thoroughly to cut down unnecessary costs and he is making elaborate plans to establish state funding. 

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