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Virginia Concealed-Carry Law: “Leniently Strict”

Despite the state of Virginia having less strict gun laws than some other US states such as Maryland and Washington, DC, individuals who are found guilty of violating concealed carry laws of the state will still be subjected to serious penalties, some of which include fines and serving a designated time in prison.

The concealed weapons laws of the state of Virginia have very specific regulations of what is legal and what is not. For individuals who are interested in knowing more about these laws, they can consult a Virginia gun lawyer.

In the state of Virginia, an individual is allowed to carry a legally owned firearm at all times, however, they still need to be aware of some specific guidelines for when they are carrying a legal firearm in a public domain. For relevant information regarding the same, interested individuals can refer to the Virginia State Police guidelines available online. The relevant statutes regulating open carry are found at Virginia Code Sections 18.2-279 to 18.2-311.2

The Concealed-Carry Permit 

If an individual wishes to apply for a concealed-carry permit or a concealed handgun permit, they can do that by visiting the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office of the jurisdiction in which they reside. The Circuit Court Clerk’s Office in the Civil Division specifically handles concealed-carry permits.

In order to get the permit, the individuals will be asked to answer a set of designated questions under oath, in addition to paying an application fee. Once these steps are completed, the Clerk’s Office will then review the submitted answers and they will determine whether or not the individual is eligible for a concealed-carry permit.

The concealed-carry weapon can be issued without a hearing, but for some occasions, the Clerk’s Office may ask additional questions which the individual must answer. There is also a chance that the Court may also deny the initial request for a permit or request what is known as an ore tenus hearing. If that happens, the individual will be asked to present additional evidence to clear up any issues with the processed application.

Penalties and Punishments 

If one where to ask about the laws surrounding concealed-carry permit laws, then there are some specific guidelines for that too. If an individual is discovered carrying a firearm, without possessing a concealed-carry permit, they are liable to be charged with possession of a concealed weapon/firearm, which is a Class 1 misdemeanor under specific circumstances. In case that happens to be true, the charged individual can face severe consequences.

In case an individual is witnessed carrying a concealed weapon without owning a concealed-carry permit, they may be charged with crime of illegal possession of a concealed weapon. This is a very serious offense and if found guilty, the individual could be charged with incarceration or jail time.

In addition to this, if an individual is found carrying a concealed weapon in an area that is not permitted, then in that case, the individual’s concealed-carry permit will not be valid. The individual will be in violation of the concealed weapon law under Virginia Code Section 18.2-308.

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