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Violent Crimes Go Unsupervised Due To Lack Of Police Chief In Oakland

A certain rise in violent crimes has been revealed through data in Oakland. The city has been dealing with such crimes due to the absence of the Police Chief for nearly a year which has led to the lack of supervision of such crimes.

The Data Analysis

According to the Data analyzed by the ABC7 News I- team and released in the citywide crime report, the violent crimes are on a rise in Oakland. The data shows an increase in robbery up to 38 percent since 2022. The rise in burglary as well as motor theft has also seen a rise of 23 percent and 44 percent respectively since 2022. The city has also seen a rise in homicides with reported cases up to 126 in 2023 alone.

A state of chaos

The rise in crimes have not been justified by the mayor of Oakland, Sheng Thao and the retired judge of Alameda County, Brenda Harbin-Forte, declared the city to be in chaos. She also stated that it was unacceptable to have a year without a police chief and was unhappy with how the Mayor was handling the situation. In her statement given to ABC7, she quite openly targeted the lack of administration from the mayor by saying, ”we just can’t afford to have her in office any longer.”

Lack of Administration

In September, the mayor announced to declare a state emergency if a new police chief wouldn’t be selected by the end of the year but unfortunately, she rejected the three recommendations made by the police commission and put on a request for a new list according to the statement released by her office. The Executive Director for Neighbors Together Oakland, Seneca Scott, believes the lack of administration to be laziness and unawareness of the urgency of situation to restore peace among the public.

The incident behind the situation

Mayor Sheng Thao announced the firing of Police Chief Armstrong

The situation has not been taken care of since February 2023, when the Mayor fired the former police chief LeRonne Armstrong accusing him of mishandling two misconduct cases. However, he was cleared of the accusations and reapplied for his job in October. According to Armstrong he felt very disappointed by the Mayor’s decision whereas Thao cited her decision as a lack of effectively leading the department by Armstrong. He cited the rejection of the finalists as an unfair action by the Mayor.

The delay in decision costing the city

In his statement given to the ABC7, Scott has pressed on the fact that the delay in decision for the police chief is costing the taxpayers of the city. He revealed that the Mayor has spent more than $100,000 on consultancy for the process which still has not given any fruitful result. An official report on the money spend for the search has been asked from the Mayor’s office by the I-Team but no response has been given yet, which gives the hint of further delay in the process and further expenses being spent for the same.

civilians protesting against the rising crimes.

Civilians protesting against the rising crimes

The search for a new police chief has been delayed until March, with no guaranteed safety for the people of Oakland, leaving the city on the brink of a state emergency declaration by the Mayor. The whole situation has been a symbol of misconduct and lawlessness by the authorities which is affecting the people of the city.

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