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US Capitol “Hostages” Get their Voice Heard through Trump, while Hostages in Gaza Yearn to Come Back Home

In a recent interview on Sunday, Senator Joni Ernst openly criticized the former President Trump’s for his recent comments that have sparked outrage across the nation.

During a recent public appearance, former President Donald Trump had used the term “hostages” to describe the individuals who were imprisoned for taking part in the January 6th, 2021, US Capitol attack, with the intention of disrupting a legal process of transferring power to an elected leader.

Ernst appeared for an interview at NBC News’s “Meet the Press”, where she was asked whether Trump’s decision to publicly call these convicted individuals as “hostages” bothered her, Ernst replied by saying that it did.

The reason she gave was that there were actual American hostages out there in the world, who are being held against their will, far away from their homeland.

January 6 Hostages 

Ernst’s statement does have some truth to it since. According to reports released by government officials and media houses across the globe, the October 7th, 2023, attack on Israel, during which Hamas attacked unsuspecting Israeli citizens, killing approximately 1,200 people while taking 250 people hostages.

Some of these hostages were reported to be American citizens, who were visiting the country as tourists at the time of the attack.

While referring to the “innocents that were attacked and kidnapped on October 7,” Ernst said that these people, who were the real hostages, were being kept in inhumane conditions.

They were being held captive “in tunnels with terrorists” who were inflicting all sorts of atrocities on them. She further went on to say that comparing these two situations is downright shameful.

Ernst highlighted that the Americans who are being held against their will, miles and miles away from their loved ones and their homeland, are the real hostages.

She was quoted saying: “They were there celebrating the high Jewish holidays and were taken by these horrible terrorists.” These Americans and the Americans who have been detained for threatening the democratic sovereignty of America cannot be put on the same pedestal.

According to reports released by different media houses across the nation, Donald Trump is the GOP front-runner for presidential elections set to occur in 2024.

Despite being accused of orchestrating the 2021 US Capitol attack and giving out controversial statements like these, Trump’s popularity has seen a massive increase during these recent years.

An example of his increasing influence is how the Iowa crowd, who had gathered to listen Trump’s speech had applauded him for his concern for the “hostages” kept by Joe Biden.

Hostages of Biden Vs Hostages of Gaza 

Trump called the arrested individuals as the “J6 hostages” who should be released from prison as soon as possible. Trump was quoted saying that these individuals were tagged different by different people. Many saw them as criminals, but Trump saw them as “hostages” of the Biden administration.

While concluding her interview, Ernst said that maybe the former president should try and speak to the families of individuals who are still being held hostage in Gaza, before making insensitive statements like these. She highlighted that there is a very major difference between the two groups of hostages.

While one group of “hostages” are being held accountable for their actions by legal measures, the existence of other hostages remains questionable as they are still stuck in the ruins of Gaza.

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