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Unsealed Documents Mentioning Jeffery Epstein surfaced on Wednesday

Jeffery Epstein is a late sex offender who took his life in a Manhattan Jail in 2019. He had a pending trial related to the federal charges he had for sex trafficking. He was accused by many prosecutors and a few dozen women he ran a sex-trafficking operation where he used to assault underage girls.

Names of famous people included in the unsealed papers

On Wednesday, newly unsealed papers surfaced that were related to Jeffery Epstein. The 130-page paper also included the names of some famous tycoons. They were known for their association with the sex offender, Jeffery. This document discloses the relationship of these famous men with Epstein.

When the paper was made public in federal court, the names of the people who surfaced included former Presidents of the U.S. – Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. Prince Andrew and prominent lawyer Alan Dershowitz were also mentioned. Even though they had been publicly linked with Jeffery Epstein in the past, this paper including their names has brought up many questions.


Mentions of two former Presidents

The former President, Donald Trump has been mentioned in a few stray references. In one passage a deposition witness stated that she never asked him to have sex with her. Bill Clinton was many times noticed flying in Epstein’s private jet which is also mentioned in the given documents. Both the ex-Presidents have not been mentioned doing any wrongdoing which has been linked to Epstein.

Moreover, all the men who have been included in those papers have denied having any links to the sex offender. Clinton even claimed in 2019 that he had no idea about the wrongdoings of Epstein. Trump stated that he had cut ties with him 15 years ago and that he is not a fan of this man.


Surfacing of documents in the court

Virginia Giuffre is one of Epstein’s alleged victims. She brought the documents to the court which happened to be a part of a civil lawsuit. The lawsuit was against Epstein’s former girlfriend who used to help the criminal with his operation. She used to help recruit the girls and was convicted back in 2021. When the material was brought before the public on Wednesday, a federal judge ordered it to be unsealed. The U.S. Judge Loretta Preska ordered that specific people mentioned are “not salacious”.  She stated that many questions related to these people were not answered and their links to Epstein were already known by many.

Prince Andrew’s involvement

A big name that came up in the document was that of Prince Andrew. He was said to be himself involved in Jeffery Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Giuffre accused him of sexual abuse which was answered by a lawsuit by Andrew in 2021. Many interviews were scheduled with Andrew by the New York Federal Prosecutors but none of their questions were answered to give them any kind of success.


The documents did not contain any groundbreaking evidence but gave an insight into who was involved in the story of Epstein. Johanna Sjoberg was hired to provide massages to Jeffery. She was in college at that time and answered some questions about Clinton. She revealed to the interviewer that Jeffery mentioned that Clinton liked young girls. She denied any kind of sexual interactions with the high-profile people who had their names in the paper.

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