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Unruly Behavior of Teen Passenger Diverted An Air Plane

Unwelcome behavior from a passenger made an aircraft divert its original route and make an emergency landing at the nearest airport of Winnipeg Richardson International Airport.  On Wednesday, Jan 3, such an incident reported by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police made revelations about the struggles airlines have to face to commit to passenger safety and integrity in their provided service. The flight was set to its destination of Calgary, Canada, from Toronto and due to the sudden unfortunate incident was diverted from its path so that cabin crew can take necessary action against the discomfort caused by the arisen situation during aviation. 

The incident 

As per the onlookers reported, a 16 year old boy from Alberta boarded the plane and amidst the flight time got into a heated argument with a family member who was his fellow passenger. The teen allegedly got violently agitated and got into a physical altercation with the fellow passenger. This incident escalated quickly and frightened other passengers, as well as putting their safety and well being in question. In the moment of conflict, the cabin crew took quick actions and restrained the enraged crew with proper equipment so that he did not further engage in any kind of physical assault. 

Actions taken by the cabin crew and the ground team

One of the cabin crew present on Air Canada Flight 137 decided to contact the ground control and law enforcement, soon they came to a conclusion of an emergency landing to ensure that no more harm could reach any of the passengers boarded on the plane. As soon as the landing was reported, emergency team and medical team members were ready at standby to handle the situation without any delay. The assaulted passenger was taken for medical evaluation and doctors assured that he only sustained minor injuries and it was nothing of concern. The teen was also arrested for questioning and later taken to the hospital for medical evaluation as well. The reason for their dispute remains unknown. 

Airline made an official statement 

The airline publicly apologized for the inconvenience caused to the fellow passengers who were on board and promised that they would take further precautions to prevent similar incidents. The experience was rather chaotic and unsettling for every passenger on board, making them weary about their own safety. The airlines made sure that every passenger could resume their journey towards their destination safely. This example of unruly behavior showed that the airlines should take more preventative measures and should emphasize on proper behavioral education to passengers to avoid further uncomfortable situations like this. 

Statistics of unruly behavior of passengers 

In the Airlines Magazine, most of the unruly behaviors of the passengers are conducted by verbal abuse, intoxication or non-compliance. According to the magazine, there was one incident reported for every 568 flights in 2022 whereas it was one incident per 835 flights in 2021. Physical assault is not a frequent incident in case of unruly behavior cases, but it had seen a sudden increase by 61% as opposed to 2021. 

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