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Two Kind Samaritans Suffer Brutal Injuries after helping a ‘Lost Hitchhiker’ during Iowa Blizzard

In a recent turn of unfortunate events, two kind-hearted Samaritans suffered consequences for their kindness when a man, who they had sheltered from a severe blizzard, violently attacked them and attempted to escape with their care.

The incident occurred last week when the state of Iowa was gripped with a severe blizzard. Des Moines police released an official statement, informing the media about how the crime had taken place.

The attacker, now identified as Jermaine Shetworth Ware, had initially stopped an oncoming motorist at around 6 AM on Friday, pretending to be a hitchhiker looking for assistance.

Minutes into the ride, Ware violently attacked the 50-year-old motorist in an attempt to injure the motorist and steal the vehicle. However, the motorist was able to thwart Ware’s attempts and after realizing he wouldn’t be able to steal the vehicle, Ware ran away from the scene. The motorist was his first victim that day.

A Kind Act Repaid by Brutality 

His second victim was a woman. The second victim lodged a statement with the authorities, stating that she saw Ware “running down the street” on which she was driving.

She felt pity for the man caught astray in the storm and decided to give him a lift when he approached her. However, her kindness was reciprocated with brutality.

According to the description given by the second victim, as the car drove on, she became more and more nervous about the attacker’s paranoid behavior and attempted to pull over.

Once the victim successfully pulled over, the defendant started to slam his body into the victim, causing her to slam into the driver’s side door.

Ware continued to attack the victim by slamming the victim into her driver’s side door again and again. During the attack, the victim managed to pull the keys from the ignition.

Ware also confirmed this statement, further adding that after attacking her multiple times like that, he opened her side of the door and slammed his body against hers, which led to the victim falling onto the cold roadway outside.

However, when Ware jumped into the driver’s seat and realized the keys were missing, he got out of the car, pounced on the woman, and pressed his knee into her neck.

While pressing down on the victim’s neck, Ware then started biting the victim’s hand which had the key. Eventually, the victim let go of the key and Ware was able to steal her car.

Robbery, Assault, and Drugs

The woman had cuts and bite marks on her right hand, in addition to redness on her neck, but fortunately, she didn’t suffer any severe injuries. Ware was caught when an Iowa State Patrol trooper intercepted the car and forced it to stop after the two vehicles engaged in a short pursuit.

According to police officials who were directly involved in the case, Ware was arrested at gunpoint by an officer after he tried to flee the scene on foot.

Ware, who is currently facing multiple criminal charges including theft, robbery, interference with official acts, and being under the influence of illegal drugs, is reportedly being held without bail in the Polk County Jail.

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