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Two Dead and One Injured in a Shooting in Los Angeles, Not the First Time

The horrifying shooting took place in Los Angeles

Los Angeles experienced a horrifying incident that was addressed by the authorities on Monday. There was a shooting that led to the death of two men and one wounded man. It was reported that the two men were found dead in a vehicle whereas a man with a lot of injuries was spotted several blocks away. The incident took place in the Broadway-Manchester area of South Los Angeles.

The shooting took place in front of the Hi-Lite Motel at 10321 S. Broadway. The officials reported about the incident by the locals at 8 p.m. on Sunday. This had been stated by a desk officer at the Los Angeles Police Department’s Operations Center.

2 dead, 1 wounded

She also stated that the conditions of the men were not good. They were found inside the vehicle in a seated position. The car was parked in front of the motel. The third man was wounded pretty badly and was found at 1094 W St. in the unreciprocated Westmont area.

All of them were in severe condition, and they were taken to the nearby hospital so as to revive them. But, two of them were unlucky as they were not able to survive the extent of their wounds. The about 30-year-old men were pronounced dead as soon as they reached the hospital. The third man had severe wounds too, but he was able to survive. He is in a stabilized condition, as stated by the officials.

The situation portrays a picture such that it seems like the shooting was a rivalry between two gangs. The suspect’s information has still not been disclosed to the police officers.

A Los Angeles Police field forensic photographer documents evidence after a shooting at a warehouse party in Los Angeles, Sunday, June 12, 2022. (AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

Another shooting took place during New Year’s Party

This is not the first time Los Angeles has gone through a horrifying incident of shooting. In December there was a case where two people had been killed and eight got injured at an underground New Year’s party in downtown Los Angeles. Shotting has been a topic that comes up in Los Angeles frequently. The shooting took place at a commercial building located at 2350 Porter Street just after 12:50 am as reported by the Los Angeles Police Department.

The police heard several gunshots when they arrived at the scene. The incident took place near Santa Fe Avenue and Porter Street. After a short period, a large number of people were noticed to be running away from the scene on foot. Multiple victims had been found in the street covered in gunshot wounds and on the sidewalk on Porter Street as stated by the LAPD.  Two of the victims, a man, and a woman, were declared dead at the scene by the paramedics. The two victims were identified to be a 24-year-old man and a 26-year-old woman.

Eight owners of the party were injured severely and taken to the local hospital to get treated for their gunshot wounds. Their conditions are not known as of now. The people were present at a New Year’s party and due to a dispute between two groups, the fight started. The fight led to shots being fired.

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