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Twin Blasts in Iran Claims Several Lives, Leaves Hundreds Injured

According to videos and statements released from Iranian sources, an approximate of 70 people fell victim to the recent twin blasts near Iran. According to the reports that have been released to the global audience, a huge crowd had gathered to commemorate and remember one of Iran’s top commander Qassem Soleimani, at his grave, when the blasts occurred. Qassam Soleimani was killed in a US drone attack back in the year 2020. Iranian officials have confirmed that a total of 73 victims have lost their lives to this attack, while the ones who survived have suffered severe injuries.


The Twin Blasts 

The two blasts were covered by the Iranian state television. According to this coverage, the two blasts occurred one after the other. These blasts occurred at a cemetery in the city of Kerman, where people had gathered to remember Soleimani, In the cemetery where the commander was put to rest. Several news reports and statements released by the Iranian authorities and state media have labelled this incident as a terrorist attack.

Further investigation in the incident has revealed that the number of people left injured due to this unexpected attack is close to 170. Nournews, an active Iranian media outlet has also released various reports and statements, claiming that the road leading to the cemetery had also been blocked by releasing several gas canisters.

Although the possibility of this incident being a terrorist attack are heavily supported by the authorities and media, no group has come forward to take responsibility for it. In addition to various news reports being circulated in Iran regarding the attack, an unnamed Iranian official also came forward and gave a statement to IRNA, a state news agency. In the statement, the unnamed official claimed that two explosive devices were planted along the road leading to Kerman’s Martyrs’ Cemetery and detonated when the crowd came up to the cemetery. The official claimed that they were detonated remotely by terrorists.

The Aftermath and The Unknown 

Hundreds of Iranian citizens had gathered together to mark the death anniversary of the nation’s most popular military figures when the alleged terrorist attack was carried out. Investigation is currently underway, and a lot of details are still being uncovered.

Several videos of the cemetery where these blasts occurred were posted on social media and are currently being viewed worldwide. The videos show the gruesome aftermath of the blasts, with several people lying motionless on the ground, while other struggled to move due to their severe injuries.

These videos also showcased the mayhem that was a direct result of this attack. While a lot of people tried to stay back and rescue the people who laid injured on the ground, many were seeing trying to flee the scene in a panicked state. Authorities that arrived on the scene also tried to save the injured while many other rescue groups like Red Crescent also showed up to save as many people as possible. Although the real reason behind the sudden attack is still unknown, investigation is still underway and not much information is released to the public.

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