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Tucker Got Answers from Epstein’s Brother on Why He Thinks his Brother did not Commit Suicide

Tucker Carlson wanted to interview Epstein’s brother

Former Fox Star News Anchor and co-founder of Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson claimed three days ago that the billionaire and sex offender Jeffery Epstein did not commit suicide inside the prison. Carlson wrote on X, “The U.S. Government claims that Jeffery Epstein killed himself in a federal detention facility in Manhattan four and a half years ago, just before his trial. If that’s true, why are there so few records available from that night?” He promised that he would interview the deceased’s brother soon regarding the matter.

Mark Epstein is the brother of the deceased pedophile. He was interviewed by Tucker on Thursday on his Twitter show, where he stated that he does not believe that his brother took his life in prison. Mark even said that he tried to get some answers from the officials but he failed in doing so. Carlson asked numerous questions to Mark starting from whether he believed that his brother committed suicide or not, following the investigation process of Epstein’s death.

How did his brother react to the news of his death?

The first question that Tucker asked was what was Mark’s reaction when he first heard about his brother’s death. Mark said that he had no reason to doubt that his brother was dead from suicide. He believed that Jeffery had killed himself before his trial. He accepted all the information he got. However, his doubts started to arise when he came to know about the autopsy report. After Bill Barr made the asinine statement, his gut told him that it was not a case of suicide.

He added that he first heard about his brother’s death on CNN and no government official informed him about the situation. He first inquired about Jeffery’s death after the autopsy, where he came to know that both the city and private pathologist claimed that it was not a case of suicide.

Why Mark thought it was not a case of suicide?

The next question that followed was when Mark started to think that his brother did not die because of suicide. He answered that after the autopsy both pathologists came out, the city pathologist and Dr. Michael Baden, both stated that after inspection they were sure that this was not a case of suicide. They both knew that it was a homicide.

After that Mark wanted to get at the bottom of the case. His first step was to start inquiring into his brother’s death certificate. Mark is the only surviving relative of the dead billionaire. The initial death certificate said the cause of death was still pending, which meant that the investigation was still under process.

A few days later Dr. Barbara Sampson, the chief pathologist, declared that the cause of death was suicide. Even though she was not present during the autopsy, she was given the place to determine the cause of death. His main question was why did it take such a few days to complete the investigation and determine it was a suicide when two pathologists strongly disagreed.

The investigation was stopped altogether after it was determined the cause of death was suicide. According to him, the investigation was done to cover up all the pieces of evidence of homicide. His main concern was if it was declared beforehand that Jeffery committed suicide, then there was no reason to investigate after that unless shreds of evidence had to be hidden. He knows that no investigation was done as the EMTs who were called to jail were never interviewed. Even the hospital personnel were not questioned. He even met the Justice Department who answered every question of his by telling him that after a thorough investigation, they concluded that his brother committed suicide.

Jeffery Epstein was in jail as he was charged with allegations of being a sex trafficker and sex offender. He was found dead in his New York Metropolitan Correctional Centre Cell on 10 August 2019.

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