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Trump wishes the Economy of America crashes, his Statement Remarked as Stupid and Vile

Donald Trump wishes for the economy of America to crash

Former President Trump said that he hopes that the economy would crash within the next 12 months and his comment has raised many eyes and sparked criticism. Rep. Nancy Pelosi blasted him off for his statement. Pelosi said that Trump might not understand what the definition of a messiah is because he calls himself one yet, he does not act like a messiah. She also said that Trump does not know what consequences a working family in America will have to face if the economy crashes.

Trump made the statement on Monday. He aimed at the current economy which is under the Presidency of Joe Biden. He predicted that it would crash. Trump is the GOP front-runner for the presidential nomination. He is eager for an electoral rematch that will take place in November. He hopes that the economy crashes before Biden’s first term in office is over. Hence, it will open an opportunity fit Trump to look better in front of his rival.

Trump claims that the economy is on fumes

According to Trump, the economy of America is very fragile. The economy is running off its fumes due to the consequences of the local Americans. He stated again and again that the economy is running off its fumes. He hopes that the economy crashes before he wins the next electoral so that he will not be like Herbert Hoover. The economy crashed in 1929 under the Presidency of Herbert Hoover. This shows how confident Trump is about the upcoming elections.

Trump’s statements remarked as vile and stupid

According to Pelosi, this attitude of Trump is “just another manifestation of the insensitivity and the grotesqueness of this person”. She believes that the Republican presidential candidate is one who only cares about the political prospects that revolve around him, and he does not actually care about the good of American people. Trump is rather not aware or he simply does not care about what consequences might take place in the kitchen if the economy crashes. His rich friends who make tons of dollars while participating in Trump’s campaign do not want to pay taxes as regular American citizens do, hence, they will also not be affected by the crash of the American economy.

On the other hand, the economist claim that the economic outlook looks pretty stable and hence, Trump’s wishes will all go in vain. The success of “soft landing” after the record-high inflation, there is no need to worry about the economy crashing anytime soon. The White House along with the Biden campaign remarked Trump’s comments as vile and said that this only shows his twisted true colors.

Trump even took the credit for the positive aspects of the current American economy.  According to Pelosi that statement is purely stupid and untrue. The economy of America is not living in any type of fumes. Joe Biden has made a really promising contribution in the economy of America and has been a wonderful President to the States. The low rates of unemployment and the loss of inflation is a good way to point out that the economy is not in fact in fumes.

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