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Trump VS Biden: The Democrats Hit Back after the Former President Insensitively Wishes for the American Economy to Crash  

As American elections slowly inch closer and closer, the US political arena has been constantly active. In a recent turn of events Rep. Nancy Pelosi, appeared in public, and blasted the former President of the United States, Donald Trump. This criticism comes after Trump publicly made a remark that caused a stir in the country, especially amongst the Democrats. The ex-President, while addressing the public, stated that he “hopes the economy crashes within the next 12 months.”

Pelosi, while appearing for an interview on MSNBC’s “Inside with Jen Psaki”, blasted Trump for addressing himself “as the messiah” in the past and then publicly delivering speeches that were clearly against the nation. The Democratic lawmaker was quoted saying: “He says he wants the economy to crash. I guess he doesn’t know what that means to America’s working families.”

Trump Vs Biden: The Brawl Turns Ugly

Earlier this week on Monday, Trump criticized the current status of America’s economy under the leadership of President Biden, predicting that it was bound to crash at some point in time. In addition to this, he also “hoped” that the crash would happen within the next 12 months, before President Biden’s first term as President in the office is over and before Americans prepare for the next presidential elections.

Trump even went on to claim that the reason the American economy was still staying afloat was because of what he previously did as the nation’s President. He was quoted saying that the country’s economy is just “running of the fumes.”

Pelosi did not hold back when she was presented with the chance of blasting the former President. She called the aforementioned statements as another proof of the “insensitivity and the grotesqueness” of Trump as a person. She also argued that statements like these clearly portrayed that the Republican presidential candidate only cares about his political prospects, rather than thinking of the collective good of Americans and America as a country.

She highlighted how Trump’s remarks clearly showed that his priority was to win the elections, and not what a regular, middle class family needs in order to sustain their livelihood. Based on statements and reports released by the nation’s top economists and finance experts, Trump’s dream might not come true.

Power or Nation?

These reports claim that the future of American economy is not any danger, and rather, the economic outlook of the nation looks promising, seeing that there was a “soft landing” of the economy despite record-high inflation. White House and the Biden administration also addressed Trump’s statement, calling them “vile” and stating they were doing nothing but revealing Trump’s “twisted true colors.”

Concluding the interview, Pelosi praised the efforts taken by the current President Joe Biden, in keeping the American economy stable. She quoted records that showed emergence of approximately 14 million jobs under the Biden administration, while simultaneously, the nation maintained a low employment rate than the previous electoral term. In addition to this, she also highlighted how inflation was slowly withering away. She ended the interview by saying that the Biden administration has done ‘justice” for the American society in every way possible.

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