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Trump not Willing to Reveal the Name of his Running Mate, Tells Interview with Fox News

Interview with Trump

An interview took place on Wednesday. Former President Donald Trump was interviewed by Fox News. He stated there that he knew how the vice president pick was going to turn out to be. He did not reveal who that person is going to be, yet he said that if another show is arranged next time, Fox News might have a chance of knowing the next vice president pick. When Fox News hosts Martha MacCallum and Bret Baier requested Donald Trump to reveal the name of his running mate and the potential pick, he said that he is not in the position to tell who might fill the position as currently, it should be kept a secret.

Trump was further questioned by MacCallum whether he would like to consider selecting a potential candidate who has been running against Trump in the Republican primary. These candidates include names like Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, and biotech entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy. Trump had a very fun approach to the question.

Would Trump mend fences with other candidates?

Trump is known for his strong and rigid persona. He was asked whether he would be open to “mending fences” with the other candidates who are willing to run for this position. Trump answered this question in a very humorous approach. He said that he has adopted the idea of liking the former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Trump was not a huge fan of the Governor until Chris decided to see himself out of the Presidential race. There was another prediction that was made on the hot mike which predicted that Haley would “get smoked” if she stood against Trump in the primaries.

What does the data conclude?

Trump gave a very oblivious answer that he in no way thinks that is possible. According to him the idea of Christie running for the vice president and winning it is something that will make many upset. Trump has a lot of supporters and if it is put in numbers then Trump has an average of 61.3% of supporters in the polling average as seen in the Republican primary. The data has been collected by FiveThirtyEight’s weighted polling average. Trump is far ahead of DeSantis who has the support of 12.5% of Americans whereas Haley’s data only seems to be of about 11.5%.

The matter of running mate throughout Trump’s campaign has not been addressed by Trump himself. In an interview with NBC that was organized in December, Trump confirmed that he is interested in seeing a woman as the vice president of the United States. South Dakota’s Gov Kristi Noem’s name came up during this discussion. Mike Pence was Trump’s former vice president. Mike ran against Trump for the GOP presidential nomination. However, Pence suspended his campaign in late October. Some policy preferences related to immigration and abortion did not align with Trump and hence, this decision was taken by Mike. Pence did not agree with the actions of the President and Trump decided that Pence should not be picked as his running mate once again.

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