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Trump Is About To Deliver A Closing Speech In The Civil Fraud Case of New York

Former American President Donald Trump is apparently planning on contributing to the closing speech along with his attorneys on the upcoming trial about his New York Civil Business Fraud case. The reporters were informed of this unusual plan by two sources who are closely related to the case and are two of the few people who know about this strategy. The identities of these two individuals remained hidden as they exchanged information with anonymity. The confidentiality is maintained because these two sources were not in any position of sharing this information and this might have consequences if their identities are revealed. 

What are the charges?

New York Attorney General Letitia James had brought the civil fraud case against Trump. Her allegations stated that Trump was accused of inflating his net worth by billions of dollars which helped him secure a large amount of investments and loans. Trump currently stands as a defendant in this case and he denied any allegation brought forth against him. The final verdict of this ongoing case would be dependent on Judge Arthur Enrogon. One of Trump’s attorneys requested the judge this week to permit Trump to contribute in the closing speech presented in front of him. 

What is a closing speech?

Closing speeches are generally given just before the final verdict is passed. This is the last opportunity for both sides to keep their point of view after judging all the proofs presented in the case and they deliver a speech about why they think that they deserve to win this case. This is the final opportunity to sway the judge and make him see through the winning side’s lens. ABC News was the first one to report the massive plan change that took course just before the trial.

Trump is still denying 

This is not the first time that Trump changed his strategy at the last minute. He was set to stand as a witness in this case during December. At the very last minute, Trump decided against this decision and stuck to the decision of not passing any statement. He called the case a “hoax” and he strongly affirmed that according to him this case is only being dragged longer than it needed to be and this was wasting a lot of precious time that the court had under its possession. 

James had complained that Trump and his business associates had committed fraudulent activities against investors and banks as they announced an inflated the worth of several assets that Trump owned in Florida. James had further added that during the deal Trump and his team had hidden the actual information from the fraud victims and they could not properly assess the risk they were taking which led to a huge amount of loss. Currently the opposing lawyers seek a penalty of 370 million dollars, with added interests and a ban on Trump’s ability to conduct business in New York. 

Trump had denied all the allegations and claimed that he always held his end of business very honestly and professionally. He said that each investor was provided with proper documents before the investments occurred and all the investors had made informed decisions. Now the judge is responsible for paying proper attention to the details of the case so that he can pass a just and proper judgment. 

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