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Trump Heavily Criticized on Social Media for Using “Sammy the Bull” as his Character Witness

Trump thanks the ex-mobster

Ex-hitman Salvatore Gravano recently spoke highly of former President Donald Trump. Trump expressed his gratitude to Gravano on Saturday and that has raised many eyebrows on social media.

Known by the name “Sammy the Bull,” Gravano used to be an underboss for the Gambino crime family based in New York City. He worked with the U.S. government as an informant assigned to the job of taking down mob boss John Gotti in the early 90s.

Sammy confessed to committing 19 murders

Gravano was also involved in 19 murders and was sentenced to 20 years in prison as he ran an ecstasy ring in Arizona. He was released in 2017.

The current frontrunner in the 2024 GOP presidential primary, Donald trump, went to social media to share an interview of Gravano with DJ Vlad. Gravano called Trump a “legitimate guy” there.

“Thank you to Sammy the Bull. I hope Judges Engoron & Kaplan see this. We need fairness, strength, and honesty in our New York Courts. We don’t have it now!” Trump wrote.

Gravano revealed his wish to work with Trump but was unable to do so as he always was surrounded by ex-FBI agents. He said that Trump did not wish to get involved with the mob.

Gravano always wanted to work with Trump

Gravano even tried to make Trump make arrangements so that they both could work together. However, Trump did not bug at all. He did not want to get involved in anything like that. One of his guys even decided to go to Trump’s office but the presence of ex-FBI agents around Trump was not feasible for them.

After Trump thanked Gravano on Saturday for speaking highly of him, social media has been chiming and raising eyebrows at the current situation. Trump is being criticized for using Gravano as a “character witness”. He even mentioned Judges Arthur Engoron and Lewis Kaplan in his Truth Social post.


Trump heavily criticized for using an ex-mobster as his character witness

Editor-in-chief of MeidasTouch went on X that Trump thanking an ex-mobster who has confessed on committing 19 murders is something that should be criticized heavily. Trump’s new character witness is not very helpful.

Many people went on X to criticize the new character witness of Trump. A former president with 91 felonies has an ex-mobster with 19 murders on his record as his character witness.

The two civil lawsuits of Trump

Engoron and Kaplan are involved in the civil lawsuit that Trump is currently up against. The trial for how much Trump would have to pay in damages for all the fraudulent violations will be under Engoron. The violation was for assets that were later used by him and his two elder sons. The Trump Organization and his real estate company used loans for their gains and many people were cheated. The lawsuit was filed by New York Attorney General Letitia James in 2022 and led to a civil fraud trial.

There is another trial later this month which Kaplan is set to preside. He will determine how much Trump will have to pay columnist E. Jean Carroll as he defamed her in 2019. He claimed that she lied about Trump raping her in a New York City department store. This event took place in the mid-1990s.

Trump has denied being at fault in both the civil lawsuits.


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