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Trump cancels Iowa events to protect ‘Maga patriots’ ahead of frigid caucuses

People stand on an large snow pile in Oskaloosa, Iowa, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024. Iowa Republicans will likely confront temperatures dipping below zero degrees Fahrenheit next week when they kick off the 2024 election cycle. The record-breaking forecast could complicate candidates' hopes of making their own history in the state's leadoff presidential caucuses. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Weather conditions in Iowa worsening

The weather conditions in the States have been getting worse day by day. The weather in Iowa is also severe. Former President Donald Trump has been obligated to adjust his campaigning schedule in Iowa as the weather conditions there are in no way capable of scheduling a campaign.

The changes had to be made as there is an abundance of caution due to the severe weather conditions and hence, advisories have been issued for the same. It has been done to ensure the safety of the Maga patriots across Iowa as stated in the campaign press release.

Tele-rallies to be scheduled to be held on Saturday and Sunday

The campaign events were scheduled to be held on Saturday and Sunday by the former President in Atlantic, Sioux City, Indianola and Cherokee.

It has been announced by his team this Friday that several live appearances are going to be replaced with tele-rallies. Moreover, only one in-person event is still taking place in Indianola.

Blizzard warnings have been given for a large part of the state. All the people residing in Iowa have been advised to avoid as much as outdoor activities that they can for their own safety from these extreme weather conditions by the National Weather Service.

Trump and his team trying their best

However, Trump shared a video in which he stated that despite it is the worst weather recorded in the history of the state, he and his team would figure a way out for his campaign. Trump states that he loved the state and the people who reside there. So, he is not willing to leave a campaign there until it becomes completely impossible.

He said, “I’ll get there sometime around Saturday night or something, one way or the other… You have the worst weather, I guess, in recorded history, but maybe that’s good because our people are more committed than anybody else.”

He continued that nobody is aware how Trump and his team are going to make it but they know for sure that they will find a way. He even added that, “And we wouldn’t miss it for anything. So we have record cold weather, record snowfall, record everything, but we will not miss it.”

Schedule of the rally

The new schedule of the former President says that there will be a tee-rally on Saturday at & p.m. CT which will be accompanied by Iowa Attorney General Brenna Bird. After that event, there will be another tele-rally that will be accompanied by the state representative Bobby Kauffman at 5 p.m.

Iowa is supposedly going to be hit by caucuses on 15th January. Trump is going to hold one last tele-rally at 12 p.m. on that day.


What Trump supporters have to say about the situation

Many interesting suggestions have been give by the supporters of Trump elsewhere as to the cause of the poor conditions.

Laura Loomer, a right-wing conspiracy theorist and anti-Muslim activist appeared to suggest rival presidential hopeful Nikki Haley, along with the “Deep State” may have “manipulated” the weather.

Ms. Loomer stated on X “Is the Deep State activating HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program) to disrupt the Iowa Caucus? We all know @NikkiHaley has a lot of friends in the defense industry and Military industrial complex.


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