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Trump Calls Jan 6 Protestors as Hostages, GOP Slaps his Remark

Trump claims the Jan 6 protestors are “hostages”

Former President Trump recently claimed that the people who have been convicted because of the crimes associated with January 6 are “hostages”. According to him, they should be given freedom and set free by President Biden or whoever will be the future President. Three years have passed since the January 6 incident took place. There was a mob that included the pro-Trump protestors. They took the step to invade the Capitol and attempted to put a stop to the certification of the 2020 presidential elections.

Many are against Trump’s remark

The protestors have been termed hostages, and the GOP senators who witnessed their criminal acts are truly against this characterization. Senate Republican Whip John Thune was asked about the situation that unfolded on the 6th of January and whether the protestors should be termed as political prisoners. He said, “I don’t condone that characterization at all, no.” The justice system is working through the situation that unfolded that day. Nearly 900 people were convicted because of the protest, moreover, 200 of them have pleaded guilty to many law breakings.

Trump’s claim was supported by several other Republicans. A member of the Senate Republican leadership team, Sen. John Cornyn of Texas repelled Trump’s claim. He said that the people who were responsible for assaulting the police officials along with destroying property should not be called “hostages”. A duly convicted of a federal crime is not a hostage but is a criminal.

It has been confirmed by him that whoever was arrested for the crime received due process, despite their position. He even gave the example of the former leader of Proud Boys and said that the process for everyone had to undergo the same process. People indeed are speculated to be innocent until they are proven to be guilty. The former Texas state Supreme Court justice Cornyn said that he believes in the criminal justice system of America and believes that once the verdict is out, proper judgement will be implemented.

Many Republicans were shaken by the incident

Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell commented on the third anniversary of January 6. He does not stand by the comment made by Trump. McConnell said that he still has not changed his opinion and does not want to change the remarks that he made at the end of Donald Trump’s second impeachment trial. According to him, they all are criminals who were loyal to him. He made remarks in 2021 on the 13th of February. He reread his statements and he said that he stands by whatever he said.

The impeachment charges put on Trump were made on technical grounds. The charges were put due to inciting an insurrection. The actions of people were taken into consideration who overran the Capitol police officials. They wanted to stop the certification of the victory of President Biden. The mob attacked their government as accused by McConnell. This type of terrorism attempts to put a stop to a democratic business just because their beliefs do not align. The Republicans had to protect themselves from the dangerous situation. It shook them to their core and gave them lifelong trauma.

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