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True Detective Pours Cold Water On Theories Connecting Season 4 To Matthew McConaughey & Season 1

First Look

True Detective’s episode three brings many advances

True Detective: Night Country episode 3 has made the fans think their brains off. Now the possibility of whether the big mystery will fully connect back to season 1 is not looking possible. HBO’s decade-old anthology show is largely standalone for the most part anyway.

True Detective: Night Country’s cast is totally new now, the location has been changed, and a unique case to solve is looming around. However, there have been some clues that it all is connected somehow.

Possibility of something much bigger than just a familial connection

One of those is inconvertible i.e. Travis is the father of Matthew McConaughey’s Rust Cohle. However, with a mention of season 1 villains the Tuttles, along with the spiral pattern appearing across True Detective: Night Country just like it did 10 years ago, a possibility arises that there could be something much bigger than just a familial connection.

Episodes 1 and 2 has made an extremely strong case for that, but episode 3 goes totally in a different direction.

Episode 3 does not outright debunks theories

True Detective: Night Country episode 3 does not directly outright debunk any theories. However, it does suggest the connections of this season to season 1 that will not be too important.

We all know how the viewers turned into the Leonardo DiCaprio pointing meme after the two episodes. This one installment is much more contained to Alaska. It revolves around the central characters of season 4.

Focus on Annie K’s and Raymond Clark’s connection

Its main focus is deeply on Annie K and her connection to Raymond Clark. It also revolves around the relationship between Liz Danvers and Evangeline Navarro.

The bigger mysteries that builds around the episode are also more strongly related to the town of Ennis and its people as compared to Cohle, Marty Hart, the Yellow King, and Carcosa.

The protests at the mining and dirty water whose reference was given in a previous episode too can be considered as an important clue for where the mystery is building to.

The possession of Anders Lund can be seen as a sign of something supernatural. It is related to the mythology of Alaska’s own indigenous people and even Nevarro’s backstory.

It does not conclude that season 1’s connections are useless. The mention of the Tuttles can not just be a mere accident. The inverse of season 1’s spiral pattern could link back and maybe even retcone season 1 to have been supernatural all along.

First Look

No one sure about solving the mystery

However, episode 3 suggests they are secondary to the matter at present. No one knows whether the mystery will be resolved with these characters. One can see the setting first and foremost, and the Easter eggs are just world building and that are adding to lore than they are the key to the whole thing.

True Detective’s connections to season 1 are something to look up to for the longtime viewers and, if they are handled correctly, they could even have a positive impact on those episodes.

If the connection to the Yellow King and a reveal that there was a supernatural element to season 1, is proved, then one can see retroactive improvement.

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