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Three Teen Escapees Are Back On The Streets After Escaping The Detention Center

Teens are on the run again 

Three Mississippi Teen are back on the road again on Monday to seek their fortune as they managed to escape their juvenile reformation center during some “large disturbance”. After the disturbance subsided, at least three injured inmates were taken to hospital for medical assistance. Previously they attempted fleeing their cells back in 2023,27 th June, when they forced and blackmailed a guard of the reformation center and stole the key from him to get out of their bounds. This monday Robert Smith-16, Tayshon Holmes-17 and Jashon Jones-15 reportedly escaped the premises of the reformation center at around 2 am. 

How did the escape plan take place? 

Hinds County Sheriff Tyree Jones informed the local reporters that the escape plan seemed to have been in motion from quite some time. The method and intricacy of detail of the  escape ensured that they had been planning it for a long duration and they took extra cautions so that the authorities could not trace them again like the last time. They managed to escape the premises by hijacking a blue jeep liberty that was parked in the nearby parking lot. The jeep with a license plate that read “CFB 0901” was later recovered by the police officers at around 10 am. The jeep supposedly contained a firearm which helped the three escapees in hijacking the car. When the car was recovered there was no sign of the three wanted culprits. 

The wanted teens

Where are they now?

Upon further investigation, it was later known that after abandoning the blue jeep the three teens attacked a woman and claimed her cellphone to contact their acquaintances. When the woman refused to help them, she was shot in the neck and severely injured. Currently, police suspect that those three are in a 2015 Gold Ford Fusion with tag number ADC8276.They had crackjacked the car and they shot down the car’s window to get access inside the car. Before obtaining their latest vehicle, reports said that the teens also tried to hijack another car near Jackson and became successful . Tyree JOnes said that they managed to hijack a  white Med-Transit Dodge Van near Fortification street. 

The charges against the escapees

There are some serious criminal attempt charges against these three escapees. Holmes was assigned to the detention center because he has an aggravated assault charge against him which was filed in September of 2022. His friend, Jones was fighting against attempted armed robbery and auto theft charges. He was assigned to the center in July 2022. Smith was facing a first degree murder charge against him. The responsible authorities are trying to trace them as soon as possible to get them back to their reformation center. 

The teens had proved to be too dangerous to roam freely on the streets. It is only a matter of time before they physically assault another individual being or destroy or steal another private property. The police officials are checking the camera footage from every traffic corner to get to know their whereabouts. They have also published their photographs and urged everybody that if anybody has any kind of information about them they should feel free to come forward and contact the police. 


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