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‘This is Us’ Star Sterling K Brown has Been Nominated for Oscars for His Role of Clifford Ellison in American Fiction

Famous actor Sterling K Brown was awarded his first Oscar nomination this month and his This Is Us cast is extending their love to the talented actor. The famous NBC drama ended in the year 2022, and now, a year later, Brown has been officially nominated in the Best Supporting Actor category for his latest role of Clifford Ellison in the famous American Fiction.

The ‘This is Us’ Family 

Actress Mandy Moore, who played Brown’s adoptive mother in the NBC show, took to her official Instagram account to extend her congratulations to Brown. “What a day!! Congrats and Love you, Sterling K. Brown. You deserve it all!!!” Moore posted on her Instagram story.

Actress Chrissy Metz, who played Brown’s on-screen sister also took to her official Instagram account to congratulate the American Fiction actor. Metz posted a “Congratulations!” on her Instagram story. Chris Sullivan, who also starred on the NBC hit show alongside Brown also shared Brown’s video on his account and captioned it, “SKB! Win em all! Congratulations buddy!


Dan Fogelman, co-creator of This Is Us drama, also took to his official X account to congratulate Brown for his first Oscars nomination. Fogelman congratulated Brown for securing his first ever Oscar’s nomination by reminiscing about their first meeting. The two had met in the past when Brown was asked to be a part of the NBC drama.


Creating History 

After it was publicly announced that Brown was nominated at the Academy awards, he shared a video on his official Instagram account. In this video, Brown extended his gratitude towards the Academy was awarding him with the nomination. He also said that he was happy to be a part “of a little bit of history” since it’s for the first time in history where two Black actors, who have starred in the same film for lead and supporting got nominated. Fans can watch this video on his Instagram account.

Sterling Kelby Brown was born on April 5th, 1976. He is an American actor who rose to fame after appearing in leading roles in famous films like Hotel Artemis (2019) and Honk For Jesus. Save Your Soul (2022). He is also known for his voice roles in the 2019 sensational animated films Frozen 2 and The Angry Birds Movie.

Brown has also garnered attention for appearing in supportive roles in several globally loved films such as Black Panther (2018), Marshall (2017), Waves (2019), and American Fiction (2023), which landed him his first Oscars nomination.

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