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The Infamous “Ted Cruz Curse” Continues to Live on As Yet Another Defeat Is Chalked Up to The Politician’s Bad Luck

The Houston Astros were disqualified from the MLB playoffs on Monday night at the hands of the Texas Rangers and the internet is swarmed with unhappy fans who are blaming Senator Ted Cruz for the massive defeat. Senator Ted Cruz, who has been repeatedly bashed online for carrying bad luck everywhere he is seen/goes.


Senator Ted Cruz was spotted on New Year’s Day extending his support to the Texas Longhorns at the Sugar Bowl showdown. The Texas Longhorns went against Washington Huskies. Despite having a twelve and one record before the final game and victory within their sight, the Longhorns ended up losing to Washington Huskies with the final score being 37 to 31. Even though Cruz was on the sidelines supporting the team and not actually participating in the game, his presence at the game was enough for angry netizens to blame him for the defeat.

The Ted Cruz Curse and The World of Sports 

Apparently, there is a reason why netizens are blaming Ted Cruz for this ultimate history. In the past, Texas sports team has not performed very well every time Cruz has been present to support them in person. It has been so frequent that since 2017, sports betters across the world have started betting against the team that Cruz is seen supporting. The repeated failures of teams that Cruz supports forced the internet to call these defeats, a consequence of the ‘’Ted Cruz Curse.”

The “Ted Cruz Curse” has wrecked such a havoc in the sports world that last fall Houston Astros fans took to the internet to beg Cruz to not come and see the critical seventh game (which was against the Texas Rangers) in person. But Cruz, disregarding the infamous curse came to see the result was the Astros badly losing to the Rangers. To add salt to the wound, Texas Rangers went ahead and won their first ever World Series championship. The internet yet again blamed Cruz for this but when asked about the infamous curse during interviews, Ted Cruz refused to take any responsibility or feel embarrassed.

During an interval with Rolling Stone, he went on to quote the following:

“For 7 years, Catherine & I have attended nearly EVERY Astros home playoff game,” he wrote on X, formerly Twitter. “If they’re going to blame me for our recent home losses, pls also credit us for TWO World Series Championships & SEVEN consecutive ALCS’s—we were there cheering Stros on!”


The Ted Cruz Curse and The World of Politics

The “Ted Cruz Curse” also seems be following Cruz in his career as a politician. While the internet sits divided whether or not the “Ted Cruz Curse” is real, Ted Cruz seems to be setting his political career on a rocky foundation. Ever since he won the re-election in 2018, his political career is riddled with his attempts to overthrow the then rightfully elected government, abandoning his freezing constituents and supporters during an unexpected and disastrous winter storm, and of course, as we have seen it, cost the Astros a lot of defeats.

His “Cruz Curse,” combined with his unreliable credibility as a politician, it is safe to say that Ted Cruz has not been successful in carving a good reputation for himself. His unpopular reputation had also almost cost him his election win of 2018. He had won the re-election by less than three points instead of a roaring majority.

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