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The Frickey Murder Case: Convicted Teen Sentenced to Life in Prison as the Victim and Her Family Receive the Long-Awaited Justice

Two years ago, in a series of unfortunate events, 73-year-old Linda Frickey was brutally killed by a 17-year-old teenager in a Mid-City carjacking. Now, in the year of 2023, loved ones of Frickey finally got her the justice she was long since owed, on Friday, a New Orleans judge sentenced the responsible teenager to life in prison.

The sentence was delivered by Criminal District Court Judge Kimya Holmes after an exhausting day-long hearing of the case. During the trial, Frickey’s loved ones were seen struggling with their loss as they stood in front of Holmes, awaiting justice, while the loved ones of the teenager, who was identified as John Honore, disclosed details of Honore and his family’s past, which was filled with struggles and poverty.

Horrific Past, Horrific Present

At the time when Honore committed the crime, he was a juvenile (17), and thus he was not eligible for a death penalty. Instead, a jury convicted Honore in a one-day trial on November 27th, and he was found guilty of murder. Honore made the list of teenagers that Attorney Jason Williams’ office prosecuted as adults over the years. The three preceding teenagers, who pled guilty to charges of manslaughter were sentenced to 20 years in prison despite being juveniles.

Honore’s Friday sentencing was nothing less than a spectacle for media. The hearing was attended by at least half dozen defense witnesses, who came forward and shared graphic details of Honore’s life as a child. As a child, Honore experienced violence between his parents, physical abuse, and an economically unstable household.

A number of domestic violence experts and recognized psychiatrists also testified for Honore, stating that all of these factors didn’t allow him to cognitively develop like a normal human being, and if given professional medical aid, Honore could be rehabilitated. Becki Kondkar, Director of the Tulane Law School Domestic Violence Clinic, also addressed Honore’s case and affirmed that people his age have “tremendous capacity to grow and change” if given the right help.

Apart from professional medical experts, Honore’s family also stepped forward to explain his story. His aunt, Angela Robertson tearfully described a time when Honore had reached out to the New Orleans police officials for help.

A Long-Awaited Justice 

Robertson further added that the authorities had asked her to take care of Honore but “due to circumstances” she couldn’t take him in. Robertson ended her testimony on an emotional note, regretfully reminiscing on the fact that if she had taken Honore in that time, this heinous crime would never have happened.

From the opposite side, on the witness stand, Kathy Richard, Frickey’s sister-in-law, disregarding Honore’s past as an excuse for the inhumane crime he committed. She vowed to “keep Honore imprisoned” until he was punished for his crimes.

After Honore’s sentencing, Jinnylynn Frickey, Frickey’s sister, addressed the media personnels that had gathered outside the courthouse. In an emotional state, Jinnylynn stated that Frickey and her family finally got justice. She went ahead and added that Honore “got what he deserved” and Frickey’s family and loved ones “don’t care” about his past. His past in no way, shape, or form, justified his actions.

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