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“The Father of All”: A Musical Representation of ‘Civil War’ Orchestrated By Trump

Billie Joe Armstrong is one of the most popular singers of the classic rock band Green Day, a band that has stayed relevant with music lovers across the globe for a long while now. The performer has also publicly expressed his opinion about Donald J Trump, ex-president of The US and one of the most supported political leaders in the US political arena. The performer and singer wrote a track about the ex-president even though he thought it would be controversial to do so.

During a 2020 interview with Rolling Stone, Armstrong discussed the reasons behind creating and releasing Green Day’s song “Father of All.” During the interview, the singer confessed that at the time this song was created and released, he was in a “weird state of depression” and that was what the song represented. He further expressed how his depressive state was a direct result of the current culture that the American citizens are surviving in.

When Music Meets Politics 

When it came to Trump, the performer expressed that it was the same cultural toxicity that inspired him to write a song about the political figure. The singer confessed that he feels the American society, under Donald Trump’s leadership, was a society deeply divided with paranoia and riddled with blood. The singer and performer also confirmed in the interview that “American Idiot,” one of the most notable albums of the music group, was a direct response to the presidency of George W Bush, while the famous song “Father of All” was released during Trump’s political term.

Armstrong also quoted a memorable lyric from “Father of All”:

‘We are rivals in the riot that’s inside of us.’

The singer said that this lyric was a direct representation of the reality of current American society. The performer said the “civil war” brewing between American political players is what inspired the band to create this song. The singer has been very vocal about his admiration for the song and has claimed it to be one of his best creations throughout his musical career.

History, Music, and Politics

Armstrong also addressed the observations made by several fans and music critics that “Father of All” was inspired by music that was not traditionally chosen by the Green Day band. He said that the tune of the track was inspired by Motown songs and soul music. He, in particular, was inspired by Prince. Prince, as a performer, is remembered to combine elements of classic rock, R&B, and funk. Armstrong tried to orchestrate “Father of All” in a very similar fashion.

In addition to this, the music video of “Father of All” is a homage to Elvis Presley’s iconic performance of “Guitar Man” in his ’68 Comeback Special. According to various news reports and articles released by several media outlets, “Father of All” was set to be the comeback single of the Green Day band. Even though the song did turn out to be a massive hit, it also highlighted Armstrong’s capability as a singer and performer. Through this song, Armstrong not only showcased his musical and vocal rang, but also clearly represented the increasing polarization of American society.

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