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The ‘DeSanctimonius’ Nickname Makes Headlines Again as Former President Donald Trump Criticizes the Florida Governor Based on False Facts

Conservative Commentator Dave Rubin recently appeared in front of the media and claimed that the former president Donald Trump thinks his supporters are a “bunch of morons.” This statement came after the Republican front-runner attacked a GOP rival over his performance during the COVID pandemic.

On Wednesday, Trump appeared in front of a live audience in Iowa at a town hall event hosted by the popular news organization, Fox News. While addressing the audience, Trump accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of extending his support to America’s leading COVID expert and the former director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Disease, Anthony Fauci. Fauci had previously received a lot of backlash for how he had handled the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Trump Targets ‘DeSanctimonius’

Trump, who has allocated the nickname ‘DeSanctimonius’ to the governor, claims that government records and articles that were released in the year 2020, clearly portray that the “biggest fan of Dr. Fauci was Ron DeSanctimonius.”

Rubin, who is an active supporter of DeSantis’ White House bid, acknowledged Trump’s remarks against DeSantis. He openly argued that if Trump’s supporters actually believe his narration regarding DeSantis, then they are, for sure, a “bunch of morons,” who can be fed any lie that Trump wants to feed them. Rubin also affirmed that Trump’s claims about DeSantis supporting Dr. Fauci are completely fictitious since actual records something entirely different.

A clip posted by MAGA War Room on social media has also backed Rubin’s claim of false remarks. The clip shows a community note that label’s Trump’s comments as “false,” showcasing that DeSantis was actually one of the strongest voices against Dr. Anthony Fauci’s methods of handling the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this, the post also revealed that it was Trump himself who appointed Fauci to lead the White House Coronavirus Task Force. Amidst this ongoing controversy, several media outlets and organizations reached out to the Trump campaign for any comment but so far, no official comment has been made.

Trump, Facui, and False Claims 

During the COVID pandemic, Former President Donald Trump had launched an initiative called Operation Warp Speed. This initiative was launched to facilitate and speed up the process of developing and distributing the COVID-19 vaccines amongst the citizens of the country.

In addition to this, the former president had also awarded Facui, along with 51 other individuals a presidential commendation on his last day in the Office, for their contribution to the Operation Warp Speed. Trump and DeSantis were known to be quite vocal against the implied COVID policies during their time in the Office. DeSantis, especially, rose to notoriety during the pandemic after he refused to implement covid restrictions in the state of Florida.

DeSantis also addressed Trump’s comments against him. He called out Trump’s hypocrisy by highlighted Trump’s decision to give an award to Fauci. He accessed government records from 2020, focusing on those specific documents that recorded the “President Trump awards commendation” event.

While addressing the press, Rubin said that although he has “plenty of good arguments” to justify why voters should vote for Trump, he also cannot blatantly ignore Trump’s efforts to lie about things that hold significant importance.

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