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The Day When The World’s Oldest Democracy Was Threatened: Political Players and Citizens Remember the January 6th Attack on the Capitol as Trump Leads the Race of Votes

As America eyes its next set of elections, America’s ex-president Donald Trump appears to be giving his fellow contenders a tough time. In a recent turn of events, some new and intimate details about the January 6th attack on US Capitol almost three years ago have been brough to light. More specifically, details about how Trump refused to stop the violent attack has left everyone horrified.

Many of these exclusive details were gathered from questioning Trump’s former deputy chief of staff, Dan Scavino, in addition to testimonies given by other White house advisers and top lawyers who were there to witness the unexpected attack in person. According to sources, Scavino told Smith’s investigators that as the violent attack began unfolding outside the Capitol, Trump was “not interested” in stopping it. In addition to this, it is also being told that while the violent mob charged at the Capitol, Trump sat inside the White House, watching it unfold on television through live coverage.

An Attack on Democracy 

It is also being claimed that when Trump was informed of the then Vice President Mike Pence’s emergency relocation, Trump nonchalantly replied “so what?”, leaving his aide Nick Luna and other officials at the scene baffled with how he was willing to let potential harm come to a longtime supporter and member of the party. Over the years, House Democrats, government officials, and citizens have directly accused Trump of not doing enough to stop the unfortunate attack.

But as it is revealed by Trump’s associates who witnessed the entire incident unfold, Trump indeed didn’t do much to stop the attack. As angry protestors marched up to the Capitol, sources confirm that Trump returned to the White House, from where he and Meadows settled comfortably into their chairs in the Oval Office dining room, and watched the live TV coverage of the incident. In addition to this, when Scavino and other White House officials urged Trump to take some action and stop the protestors, Trump refused.

Sources claim that Trump was “angry” that the election was “stolen” from him and his supporters. He justified the violent attack by saying that his supporters were “angry on his behalf.” Scavino and other witnesses present in the room described Trump’s behavior as “deeply unsettling.” It took his delegates about half an hour to convince Trump to take some action towards stopping the mayhem outside. Trump finally allowed Scavino to post a tweet on his official Twitter handle, asking the angry supporters to cooperate with the law enforcement and “stay peaceful.” The tweet was posted on 2:38pm.

What Lies Ahead?

Furthermore, sources also confirm the presence of Ivanka Trump, Trump’s daughter in the White House. Ivanka was seen trying to convince her father to do something solid to stop the attack, but Trump wasn’t faced. It wasn’t until Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner, pleaded with Trump to put a stop to the violence going on outside that Trump finally agreed to record and release a video.

The video, which lasts over a minute, was posted on Twitter at approximately 4:15pm. In this video, trump urged his supporters to “keep peace” and “go home” since violence was not the way to deal with a “fraudulent election.” Fortunately, the video message got through to the violent mob, who then started to disperse from the capitol, leaving behind a damaged pillar of the world’s oldest democracy.

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