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The Changing Scenario Of Retail Trading In European Union

The panel discussion held at Finance Magnates London Summit 2023 was a changing dynamic of how retail trading would advance in the ever-evolving world scenario.

The discussion was an amalgamation of ideas and innovations of great minds of some well-known industry personalities. The discussion was held by Rafah Hanna, the Director of Rafah Hanna.  Some of the noteworthy personalities were Richard Barden, the Market Data Sales Director at CBOE; Mazhar Saleem, the Sales Director for Enterprise Data & Platform at LSEG; Joe Craven, the Global Head of Enterprise Solutions at TipRanks.

The Central Theme

The main discussion was held on the retail trading -which is the sales of goods for personal or household consumption in EU. The changing dynamics in Europe and also the world seeks both diversification and consolidation, which was the main talk of the discussion.

An anticipated growth of nearly 40 percent was observed by Hanna in the next five years. This was the discovery of new markets, opportunities for the traders in the coming years. With the growth in trade and market, the clients today have become more aware about the changing dynamics it brings along. They seek diversity and uniqueness in the products, as observed by Saleem.

Another topic that was included in the discussion was about the growing indulgence of larger players in the white-label services. These services help in the rebranding of the original product by another company, thus helping in the marketing of the product. By doing so, the large players give the small organizations a way or passage to enter the markets.

Craven, shed light on the observations he had noted. He said that firms that were already well established would not have a problem with acquiring clients in the changing world, whereas the late bloomers might find it challenging. This pointed towards the fact that the firms who are well established already have a diversity of products which are a great customer attraction. He also emphasized on the alternative investments like ETFs and cryptocurrencies.

Barden emphasized on the fact that with the help of consolidation, the small brokers have now got the chance to be included into the larger network of trade. He also talked about how the use of options among the brokers in Europe might be an advantage if there are any changes in the trading requirements.

Insights into the future

The panelists observed that after covid-19, there has been a change in the way retail traders access the data. The pandemic has given birth to stay at home trading which is a new trend that might grow more in the future, changing the retail trading. The traders now seek recommendations and pay attention to the needs of their clients.

Emphasize on Empowering Retail Investors

Craven emphasized on the Tip Ranks’s mission to empower the retail investors. With analyst recommendations from renowned financial institutions, the company’s aim is to provide the investors with the ability to analyze the data like professionals at a lower cost. The scenario of trade has changed today, the panelists highlighting on the diverse approaches and the growing competitiveness in the industry. Today, there has been a shift from providing just raw data to carefully curated and recommended data which has given the brokers a better offer to provide the retail investors, this helping them to gain confidence in decision making.

All in all, the panel discussion focused and provided valuable information about the scenario of retail trading in the EU. They emphasized on the need for adapting and diversifying in the field of trading.

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