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The Authorities and Residents of Maryland Buckle Up for a Thunder Ride as Weather Experts Predict Unstable Weather For the Entire Week

According to recently released weather reports, authorities are asking folks across Maryland should prepare for the possibility of experiencing severe weather from Tuesday till the end of the week. Observing the reports released, Howard County Public Schools will be on Code Yellow, which means that schools will close 3 hours early in order to allow students and faculty to leave early and prepare for the potential severe weather.

In addition to this all aftercare and evening activities are also canceled. All community-sponsored programs and activities that were meant to be organized in the school building, which required the participation of students and staff members were also canceled on the basis of Tuesday’s weather predictions.

‘Abandoned’ Schools

Baltimore County Public Schools also announced that all after-school activities, athletic games and practices will be canceled following Tuesday. The state’s authorities were to assemble for a BOE meeting and discuss preventive measures for the upcoming harsh weather. The BOE meeting is expected to be held on Tuesday, virtually. So far, there has been no word about schools closing for the rest of the week.

As the extreme weather conditions slowly approach, it was announced to the residents, through social media, that Harford County Public Schools and offices will close three hours early on Tuesday. In addition to all the activities being canceled, second shift custodians were also asked not to report for their shifts.

Apart from Harford County, Cecil County Public Schools will also close early for students and faculty. Schools are expected to be closing at 12:00pm for secondary students and 1:00pm for elementary students. Preschool is officially canceled. Furthermore, Anne Arundel County Public Schools also announced that school will be closed two hours early due to the expected bad weather. Half-day ECI classes, in addition to afternoon sessions at the Centers of Applied Technology North or South were also canceled.

A Vacation or A Potential Threat?

Weather experts and analysts are confident that residents of Maryland will experience a widespread, high-impact weather this week, starting from Tuesday night. Even though Maryland did not experience much of a weather turbulence in the previous two years, this upcoming storm will be a totally different story. Streams and rivers are at a capacity these years due to recent heavy rains and upstream snow/ice melt to the north, which can cause potential flooding late Tuesday night and through Wednesday morning.

This storm is expected to cause widespread travel delays, disruptions, and cancellations throughout the week. Travel agencies across the state saw a drop in travel bookings starting Monday itself. In addition to this, both air travel and road travel are also expected to be highly impacted. Travel agencies are gearing up for numerous flight delays/cancellations over the week if the storm manages to be as severe as predicted.

Experts have analyzed that quiet weather will return later into Thursday; however, another significant storm can pass the state by. This second storm is expected to bring heavy rain, strong winds, and some intense thunderstorms through the state. It is expected to appear towards the end of the week, most likely Friday or Saturday.

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