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The Arlington Police Revealed the Identity Behind the Fatal Shooting.

The police of Arlington have revealed the person of interest in the fatal shooting of a woman that took place in September 2023.


The shooting took place at the garden park apartments on September 25, 2023. The victim was a 24-year-old female named Jamiya Strong. The police were unable to identify the shooter when the incident occurred. The investigators at the time couldn’t offer the details of the incident but considered it to be a ”high risk activity.” With the investigation being carried on, the police of Arlington are in search of a 20-year-old man named Juan Angel Fraire, who is believed to be involved in the homicide incident.

 The victim succumbing to her injuries.

The police were informed about the shooting in the 1700 block of Sherry Street, and on arriving at the scene around 5 pm on 23rd September, they found Strong’s body lying on the ground with multiple wounds due to gunshot near a pickup truck. The victim was taken to a local hospital immediately due to her critical condition but died from the fatal injuries.

A Case Of High Risk Activity

The place of the homicide.

No arrests were made due to lack of evidence. The residents of the nearby areas were requested to check their cameras for any evidence and were asked to inform the police about any information regarding the perpetrator. The incident was declared by the investigators as a case of high risk as the motive of the homicide remains unsolved.

 A Person Of Interest

However, on Tuesday, 2nd Jan 2024, the Arlington police via social media post, asked the public to help them find Juan Angel Fraire, who is a potential suspect in the incident. The post was made on X as well as Facebook, where the detectives revealed the identity of the suspect with a picture. The post was made as a medium to reach out the larger audience and receive information about his whereabouts. This way the police would be able to find him sooner and bring justice to Jamiya Strong and her family.

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