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Texas Supreme Court Had Denied The Petition for An Independent Texas

Supreme Court denied petition

The movement for freeing Texas from the Government of the United States met a major bump on its road as this Thursday the said movement suffered a massive blow. Texas Supreme had refused to take up a case file submitted against the Texas State Government after it rejected the petitions with 139,456 signatures which claimed to have a vote for “Texas Independence” included in the primary ballot of March. The opposing party, called Texas Nationalist Movement, had been deeply offended by the decision taken by the Supreme court. 

Texas Supreme Court

What does TNM suggest?

The TNM had been campaigning for the last few years and they had kept up pitching the ideas of an “independent nation Texas” to people residing in the said state. They believed that the Texas Government needs a reformation and it is better for the future of Texans if the state starts its journey as a nation itself. The campaigns had been gaining a lot of attention lately and the leaders of the movement claimed that they had received lots of positive responses from the Texans. In June 2022, the TNM organized a convention where they delivered an inspiring speech suggesting Texas “should reassert its status as an independent nation”.

Texas Republican Party is happy

Texas Republican Party Chair Matt Rinald had been happy with the decision and in an interview he stated that he welcomed the decision of the court with warm heart. He informed that the petition was initially submitted to him but he rejected it. He also stated that the petition contained many electronic signatures and they did not hold up any significance regarding voter registrations and inclusion in the upcoming ballot. He said that these signatures could be easily faked and forged and the rejection was a satisfactory moment for the Texas Republican Party. 

Why did the court reject the petition?

The Texas Supreme Court had rejected the petition by stating the fact that a lot of information mentioned in the invitations were invalid. They had reported that out of the vast amount of signatures, only 8,300 were hand written and the rest was done electronically. Other than that, several residential addresses given by the signature bearers along with their dates of birth were invalid. They added that the signatures seemed faked and handwritten signatures were the only acceptable way. They also thought that the submission time of the petition was odd and untimely. Rather than submitting the petition on the day before the deadline, the petition was submitted exactly on the deadline. 

Response of a TNM member

Paul M. Davis, a member of the TNM legal team, put out some opinions in his social media handles. He claimed that Rinaldi thought they would not be able to submit the petition on time because he made some strategic moves. He added that he and a group of attorneys and paralegals had worked very hard to turn the impossible into reality. Davis also said that they tried with every resource they had as they fought for their free nation but the decision of the Supreme Court had thrown them off their journey.

The flag of Texas state USA


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