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Texas Governor’s Remarks About ‘Shooting Migrants’ at The Texas-Mexico Border Sparks Major Humanitarian Concerns Across the Nation

Texas Governor Greg Abott, recently appeared in press conference where he put forth the issue of migration, specifically when it came to the state of Texas. He stated that the Texas state government continues to use “every tool” available to them in order to stop migration along its border with Mexico.

However, his next statement is what triggered a huge controversy on the internet, prompting people to question Abott’s role as a political figure. The governor was quoted saying that the only thing his officers weren’t doing was “shooting people who come across the border.”

Abbott’s Inhumane Treatment of Migrants 

He went on to say that his administration was employing every measure possible to stop the influx of migrants into the state of Texas. From “building a border wall, to building these border barriers” the Governor did not shy away from naming every solution that his administration has implied.

In addition to this, Abott also brought forth his involvement in passing a law that made it illegal for an individual to enter Texas from another country. According to Abott, this law that he had signed had prompted the Biden administration to file a lawsuit against his administration.

Abott has defended his aggressive approach towards migrants by saying Biden administration’s leniency towards migrants has allowed the US-Mexico border to be abused by a never-ending number of illegal migrants, which in turn, can be a big threat to the national security.

During the press conference, the governor stated that the only reason they are not shooting “people who come across the border” is because if they did that the “Biden administration would charge us with murder.”

Hate Speech and Racially Driven Hate Crimes 

His insensitive comments drew a lot of backlashes from the internet, and especially, from the Texas Democratic Party, who aggressively condemned and criticized the governor’s inhumane approach to reduce the US-Mexico border crossings.

Gilberto Hinojosa, the chair of the party, addressed Abbott’s controversial statements. Hinojosa claimed that the only reason Abbott hasn’t already started shooting “migrant women and children” at the border are murder charges. She was also quoted targeting Texas Republicans for their lack of “morality and humanity.”

Other Democrats also came forward and criticized Abbott, stating that it is because of sentences like these that crimes fueled by racial hatred continue to occur across the country.

Representative Veronica Escobar also came forward to counter Abbott. She reminded the citizens of a 2019 shooting incident that happened at a Walmart store in El Paso. The unfortunate incident left 23 people dead and nearly two dozen were rushed to hospitals in critical condition. According to prosecutors that handled the case, the gunman responsible for carrying out the horrific attack was driven by racial hatred and had specifically targeted Latinos.

“It’s language like yours that left 23 people dead, and 22 others injured in El Paso,” Escobar was quoted saying.

Despite repeated criticism and backlash, Abott has continued to implement aggressive policies towards migrants. The governor has continued to banish asylum seekers from the state of Texas and in the past, his administration had faced harsh criticism after it had lined some parts of Rio Grande with razor wire.

The federal government has since then removed those barriers and recently the US Supreme Court was asked to intervene.

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